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Hello, I have been working out for about a year, with some success not allot but some.

I was looking over http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/244anti.jsp
The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program.

I like to work out Monday - Friday would this program work without the days off during the week? If not is there an alternate workout that could be done.

I?m about 5-6 at 170lbs, Basically I?m looking to put on more mass and try and keep fat gain to a minimum.


Simple answer is no, you grow out of the Gym not while in the Gym. The rest is a must.

As far as a five on 2 off program I really cant think of any off the top of my head.

rsnider2, I’m in your same situation. I can only train monday,wednesday,friday.
Today I decided to start ABBH1 day1. I’m going to perform day4 next monday.
In the end the difference is one more recovery day each week,that is 4 weeks (instead of 3)to complete the program.
As you certainly know, ABBH1 was considered the best program of 2003.

You need to take those days off on that program because if you didn’t you would most likely be overtraining which may be one of the reasons you are not growing that much! There are alot of article for a beginner such as yourself on this site but without know how you have been training it is hard to pinpoint why you have stoppped making gains, some more info is needed from you. Also you haven’t mentioned anything about your diet.

Thanks for all the help, it sounds like I?m way over training then. While I understand they grow wile you rest them, I was thinking of rest being working upper one day and lower the next day.

My basic workout this month has been mon- chest/tri, tue-legs/abs, wed-back/bie, ther-legs/abs, fri-forarms/sholders with 15 min of cardio each day before working out.

The program looked like too much rest was involved, roughly 72hrs of rest before working the same group. While I still don?t fully understand the resting concept I?ll get started on it.

On the off days would you recommend cardio for a longer time or take the day totally off?

It doesn’t seem to me that you are overtraining however you have probably been on that routine for too long. You should change routines anywhere from 4-6 weeks any longer than that and your body adapts to that routine and won’t grow. Also if you are eating shitty you won’t get any good results either diet is just as important as training if not more important. The best favor you can do yourself is to read the previous issues there is a ton of info that will help you.