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I have done a lot of searching and experimenting with my training programs: Renegade, Westside, Ian King’s 12 weeks to. . ., HST, EDT, 5 X 5, EIEIO, etc. I’m sure many of you fall into the same pattern. Well, I am completing a program which, I believe, integrates the best of these programs in one easy to follow package. Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training (CPT) is a great template to base your training around. You could integrate any of the above training methodologies into the template and best of all. . . max testing, progression, de-loading and rest weeks are built into the program. I lift three times a week (MWF) on TU., TH and Sat I complete 4 3min rnds of jump rope (Renegade fashion check Coach Hale’s latest article), unweighted GPP and I use Ian King’s flexibility program: week 1: Tue. Upper body Thurs. lower body Sat. Upper body; week 2: Tue. Lower body Thurs. Upper body Sat. Lower body, repeat. I warmup for weight sessions Renegade style: jump rope, footwork drills (MA), and DB swings. You could incorporate any lifts into the circuit program, ie. The first four weeks I concentrated on unilateral lifts, the next four weeks: bi lateral, the next four: non-conforming objects; sandbags, kegs, sledge hammers, etc. This week I dropped the ab work from the circuit and will add them to Saturday in Christian’s 5 exercise circuit fashion. This program is a solid place to start for a newbie and a good “base” program to get back to for experienced lifters. Each session takes about an hour or less, including warm-up. My core exercises are: Snatch, Bench Press, Squat. If you are like you could change the core exercises monthly to target weak points ala Westside (floor presses, box squats, chains, bands, inclines, etc.). Read the article and give it a shot. . .comments, experiences?