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Because of time constraints once again i’m force to limit my work out schedule. Need some suggestions on the following program its 2 on 2-3 days off split. 10 min.cardio,then Machine press for warm ups 1x15, Dumbbell bench 3x8,incline bench 3x8, Cose grip bent over rows 3x8, Ladder pullups w/ wt attached to 10, dumbell incline hammer curls 3x10,1set 21’s,
Skull crusher 3x10, max bodywt dips.
Work out two next day will be the complex V program by Coach Davis in a 5x5 format followed by AB work and 10 Min cardio.Just hoping to keep my gains intact and lose a little BF.Is this too much ? Any suggestions will be appreciated. “The Battlefield is the Ultimate Testing Ground, Train To Win! Freedom isn’t Free.”