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Program You've Gotten the Best Results From


Title says it all... obviously "best results" should be in the context of your personal goals.

As for me, I got my best hypertrophy results following a modified version of a program from The Poliquin Principles -- push/pull/legs, 2 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off... worked well when I was in college and had no concept of a "work week".


Just to be clear... I'm asking what program has worked best for YOU... I know it will be different for everyone and there's no single "best" program!


all kinds of compound movements all the time with a little isolation thrown in for good measure.

be in the gym as much as possible and do as much volume as possible while maintaining peak performance.


Waterbury's style. I used his 3rep/10set to get my power up. Then I used a high frequency 2x-day/mon-fri to get ripped.


The periodised 5x5, ie the Glenn Pendlay/Bill Starr version. Made rapid progress on all the major lifts.


Hate to be a fanboy/bandwagon jumper but Chad Waterburys programs work best for me.

'specially 10x3 stuff and Quattro Dynamo


Ditto on this plan. I started 5x5 just a few months ago, and am kicking myself for not trying it sooner. My strength and general size have increased more in the past few months than in the past year with my usual 4 day split. Between this, 5x5 mentioned above, and cycles of HST, I don't think I will EVER move away from a 3 day a week, compound only movement type routine again.


Up until a week ago I'd've said Anti-BodyBuilding Hypertrophy. But after one week of Total Body Training, I think I see hypertrophy results already! So right now I'm leaning towards TBT as a top results-getter for me.

Are you just starting and looking for the best ROI? Do YOU have a preference based on your own experience?


In the past I read too many Weider magazines, though as I said I did get good results from a Poliquin program.

Now I want to be more intelligent about my training, so I want to try various programs for 5-6 weeks at a time. There are so many programs on this site, I thought this thread might help me decide which ones to try first. :slight_smile:


I make the best gains on a 3 day a week full body split where I start each workout with either cleans, deads, or squats. I vary the movements I do for the rest of the workout every week, but those three are the staples each week.

Every month or two I do change the split to body part specific or push/pull/legs for a couple of weeks and then revert back. I have had great success with this method and don't plan on changing it anytime soon.


For me, it'd have to be a program of my own, developed around push and pull (compound w/little variety)

Day 1
Push Press
Bench Press

Day 2


In NO particular order. After many years of searching/testing:

Waterbury's stuff
Ttan training.
Pavel's "Beyond Bodybuilding" templates
such as his modified DeLorme Ladders.

(Titan sells training manuals exclusively.)




Pavel's PTP -- especially helpful as a newbie. Boosted my DL by > 150 lbs. in around 6 months. Side press has great carryover to other presses also.

Trying his 5X5X5 program from 'Beyond Bodybuilding' now and getting good results.


With out reservation it had to be OVT where I split the 2 sessions,one in the am and pm.


3 personal varation of Poliquins GBC

4 and some decent gains with GVT


Great call, aussie_jono!


What is Titan Training


Just to throw in my two cents . . . I've made fantastic, very noticeable progress on
1. Poliquin's Advanced GVT
2. Max-OT (basically like a Heavy Duty, HIT style routine)
Ok, let the floggin begin. I know that I'll catch all kinds of crap for listing this, but brief, low-volume, failure-oriented training has really delivered for me especially when coming off a higher volume split.

While reading through responses, I'm curious as to how old many of you are and how long you've been lifting seriously. It seems to me that your actually age and lifting age can both play a major role in what works well for you. So for the record, I'm 28 and have been a competitive bodybuilder for almost 11 years. Cool thread.

P.S. I'm about to launch into Waterbury's ABBH. Any suggestions from anyone? I've never really done any Waterbury stuff before.


I will not knock you for the Max-OT stuff because I think that it is a valid training method, and I do incorporate it every so often - its a nice change of pace. I have been at this seriously for 8 years now (I think my profile says 7) and approximately 2 years prior to that which I do not count because I like to think of them as learning years. I'm also just a tad under 30 :wink:


MAX OT....consistently put 10-12 lbs of LBM each year of using this method.
Westside template using two DE days.
GVT for conditioning and to give the CNS a break as well as a little tendon recovery after MAX OT.I'll take the flaming for using MAX OT as well...but I've made great gains following these parameters. Problem with MAX OT is it fries the CNS after you get into the 456 club.


I think recently I've gotten the best gains/results from Waterbury's programs. I've used the following:

Art of Waterbury

CT's OVT I & II were also programs that I used in the past that worked well for me.