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Program - Your Opinions

I’m starting a program made by myself and I would appreciate if you sugested anything.
Clean (low reps)
Chins (5x5)
Military press (5x5)
Hangin leg raises (3 sets)

Deadlift (5x5)
Single leg squats (3x5)
Good mornings (3 sets)
Wrist roller (3 sets)

Snatch (low reps)
Bench press (5x5)
Bent over rows (5x5)
Hangin leg raises (3 sets)

I think it looks pretty solid. Hitting two pressing and pulling angles twice a week, a lower-body powerlift once a week, with two Olympic lifts for the entire body and two ab days. I actually kind of like that exercise arrangement.

The only thing I might be a bit weary of is so much lower-back work on that second day. I think the good mornings could be moved to another day to take some stress of the erectors. Also, you might put the good morning on say day 1, then another great posterior chain movement in pull-thru’s on day 3.

You are keeping your Olympic lifts at less than 3 reps per set correct? Since they are a high-skill motor movement that’s typically the upper threshold as fatigue rapidly sets after 2-3 reps with decent loads.


I think I’m really going to move good mornings to another day (I realized my erectors will be really sore after deads).
I just don’t know what to do instead of them (I’m kinda limited with equipment).
Do you think there’s enough volume for some hyperthrophy in those workouts (5x5)?

ToTheTop for some answers

It looks like a great routine to me and I think there’s plenty of volume for hypertrophy.
How about some barbell curls and calf raises on Thurs. in place of the good mornings? Two work sets of each would be fine. If you don’t have a calf machine use a dumbbell held in one hand.
Do you have a squat rack? One-legged squats are great for athleticism but for strength and growth you can’t beat high-bar squats all the way down and front squats are great too.
What are your goals? Are you training for a sport or just trying to get bigger and stronger?

i don’t see the point of doing both good mornings and deadlifts. especially on the same day.

seems like a bit much, but maybe you can handle it. i know i couldn’t.

Actually I’m training for a little bit of strength, size and sports (I play basketball-that’s why SL squats, but I want to get stronger and put on some mass)

i would like to see some push presses 5x5 and some jumping squats replacing the good mornings. and replacing the snatches with powercleans on saturday.

as a after thought push presses would be good on thurs for some add upper boddy, still like the jump squat idea as a replace ment for good morning useing dumbles. and switching snatches to powercleans and finishing off sat with a few one handed dumbell snatches. i like those better then regular snatches. just like i hate pull downs but love one handed ones