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Program with Front Squat, Snatch-Grip DL, Push Press, and Chin-Up as Main Moves?


Anybody know of any routines or programs that focus on these four movements in the title? Theyre my favourite exercises to do but I find my self just training with no real direction in the gym. I feel like I need a legit program. Cheers guys


By “focus on” do you mean that

-you ONLY want to do those lifts?

-you want to do those lifts a bunch, and do less of some other lifts too.

  • you want your program to focus on driving up those 4 lifts, using whatever lift/method works best.


I guess I want to do those lifts a bunch and do less of some other lifts too.


Are they your favourites because you’re better at them than other exercises? Or because they work best to help you achieve your goals?

If you’re just better at them I’d suggest focusing on the four squat, DL, press and pull you’re worst at and tack a few sets of your favourite at the end of each day as a reward.


The first I would do is figure out exactly what I want.

Starting a sentence with " I guess" is never a good start.


If you want to do those lifts, just take any proven program (5/3/1, 5x5, whatever) and replace your choices with what is already there. Do what you want, as long as you’re building strength in those movements, you’ll be alright. So, for example…

Front Squat = Squat
Snatch DL = Deadlift
Push Press = Bench Press / Overhead Press
Chins = BB Row


Sounds like a good idea. Il check out 531. Nice one.


Theyre the lifts I find most impressive really. I enjoy doing them so would love to have some impressive numbers for them too.


OK. Definitely 5/3/1 is a good option.

What I’ve found for myself is that front squat and snatch grip DL will go up if your squat and DL go up - even if your squat doesn’t look too much like a front squat and even if you DL sumo or semi sumo for a while. Chins go up when you lose weight. Push press is more technical, I think, but I suspect it’ll go up if your press goes up. It might be different for you, of course.

Either way, you’d probably do well spending some time bringing other lifts up as well, or least considering an approach that includes doing that.

Out of interest what is your age, height, weight, numbers and time spent training?


Yea I would defo consider that kind of approach. Thanks for tips too. Age: 26. Height 6ft4. Weight 95kg. Numbers…
Frontsquat: 120kgx1
Snatch DL:150kgx1
Chins:20kg + BW x5
Time spent training all in all around 1 year on and off. No real direction or proper program though. Which is why I came here for advice.


OK, well, you might find six months to a year spent getting more muscular will help a lot. Something like 5/3/1 will do that with good nutrition. I’d suggest getting the book, having a read and starting a log on here.


531 like the poster above suggested? Or as is in the book? Cheers


Read the book and make up your own mind.

Principales are more important then following blindly.

And why wouldn’t you go to the source?


I will defo read it. Just dont know how viable it is to push press instead of bench. Il defo give it a read anyway.

Came across this article last night. https://www.t-nation.com/training/6-steps-to-building-the-perfect-workout

Any pros and cons to this? Seems to fit what im after as you pick your own upper body push/pull and lower body hip/knee dominant moves.


You do not need our blessing or approval. What we give you is advice. Do it, dont. Doesn’t matter.

Just do something, come back in a month and let us know how it is going.


Fair enoughđź–’


But please, do come back with an update.

We really love seeing progress with people that have questions.


Will do mate defo. Il create a log soon.