Program While Cutting

Hey guys im on a fat loss diet and i want to drop down to 185 im at 203 right now. i want to maintain muscle mass and maybe gain some strength if possible. im an athlete and i want to maintain maximal strength and CNS efficiency. i play basketball. however i need to lose some fat. my question is what program should i be on while on a fat loss diet? is designer athletes a good one or is that too much volume? i dont want a body building program either…i would really appreciate it if u guys can help me out here.

Honestly, if you’re on a strength program right now, and you want to keep your gains (and perhaps continue to get stronger), keep on with the strength program.

Adjust your diet. Remove all/most of your starches and sugars, keep the fruit intake up, and nothing crazy with volume. If you’re squatting/deadlifting/pressing/pulling intensely enough, your metabolism will be high and shifted towards burning fat and preserving muscle.

So to sum that up, eat a bit less, especially of carbohydrate (adjusted to your own tolerance), and keep trying to gain strength.

how would this look…I dont know what to put for the friday workout…i just kinda guessed…what im trying to do is monday upper body tuesday lower and then friday kind of a full body workout…will this work well with a fat loss program (t-dawg 2.0)?


bench press 5-7 sets @ 90%+
db bench supersetted with pullups 3x8-10
bent over rows/later pulldowns/seated rows
supersetted with straight arm pulldowns 4x6-8
beach work


squat/box squat 5-7 sets @ 90%+
romanian deadlift 4x6
stepups/bulgarian split squats 3x8 each leg
calf raises+toe raises 4x15


Deadlift i dont know how many reps for this? 5x5?
DB bench press 4x8
Squat 3x5

looks good. I assume you’re including conditioning work, you did say you were an athlete. good luck