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Program Using EDT and Singles?



My goals are improved max strength, strength endurance, and cardio endurance, and if muscle is built that is fine.

Usually I train using 5x5 type stuff or sets of 3.

Also, I usually train full body, and do a high frequency low volume type plan.

I have done stuff similar to EDT (minute drills)

Program ideas:

So ive been reading, and EDT sounds like a great program, and i'd like to try it for a few cycles.

I prefer to train more for strength so was thinking of doing 10 minute cycles instead of 20 minute cycles, but 15 minute cycles may do.

Im not sure what volume is recomended for EDT, but i remember reading somewhere around 60 reps total per exercise. I would probably be lifting heavier, and shoot for a range of 15-25 reps per exercise in the 10-15 minute time period.

Also, i wont be doing machine based exercises, but instead mainly the following:

Box Squat
DB snatch
DB bench

Lastly, i would like to include some interval training for cardio, using rowing machines, treadmills, and bikes, as well as BW type exercises, and DB swings, etc.

Option 1: Same type of workout 3-4 days a week

Strength / power training:

1-2 exercises
5-7 sets
1-5 reps


2 cycles
10-15 mins per cycle
15-25 reps per exercise

Cardio intervals:

1 exercise
10-15 minutes

Or option 2: EDT days, and cardio seperate

EDT: 3 days a week

2-3 cycles
10-15 minutes
15-25 reps

Cardio: 2 days a week


1 exercise
TABATA protocol


1-2 exercises
15-30 minutes total

What do you guys think? I would prefer option 1, but is that a good setup, or should I chane anything?




There is an EDT for strength training plan by Charles Staley that uses singles as the main lift and then follows some traditional EDT supersetting for assistance exercises. I would check out that article in the archives and see if it helps you structure your training.


Thanks nate, i'll read that. It sounds like what im looking for. Do you think I can use full body, high frequency, and lower the total amount per workout?


here's what I did:

day 1
deep squats or low box squats- try to get either 15 singles in 15 minutes or 20 reps in 20 mins (could be singles,doubles,ladders etc)
then whatever assistance i felt like doing...usually something like hypers or pullthroughs.
then grip work

day 2
presses same as squats (continental cleaned)
triceps(light high reps)

day 3
deads from blocks or clean grip snatches
some more hypers, pullthroughs and grip work

I don't really use much assistance work but i think you could add some heavy assistance exercises.


I'm playing with something similar. Here's an example. EDT combines nicely with other set/rep schemes.

Tuesday's Play Time

Clean to Standing Military Press
115lb x 14 reps (60 sec rest)
135 x 8
145 x 5
145 x 4
145 x 2

225 x 10
225 x 10
225 x 8
225 x 7

EDT superset 1 (10 min lifting / 5 min rest)
Snatch to Overhead Squat 95lbs -- 6 sets 32 reps total
Pushups (1 1/2 reps) Bodyweight -- 6 sets 39 reps total

EDT Superset 2 (10 min lifting / 5 min rest)
Barbell Curls 75lbs -- 7 sets 37 reps total
Tricep Rope Pulldowns 70lbs -- 7 sets 41 reps total


So i tried my workout tonight. It was pretty tough

I did 15 minute cycles

Used my 6RM and started with sets of 3

DB snatch: 75lbs 22 reps total
DB shoulder press: 55lbs 22 reps total

1-leg squats BW 32 reps total
Pullups +15lbs 32 reps total

This was a good workout, but the volume was a bit high i think.

I think i'll up the weight and shoot for a range of 15-25 reps in 15 minutes, and anytime i reach 25 reps, up the weight again.

Thanks guys.