Program to Increase Vertical Jump?

Tuesday - ME DAY (COMPLEX)

  • Straight Knee Calf Raises (15-20)
  • Box Squats (3x2-3)(93%)
  • Box Jumps (Complex rep for rep with squats)
  • Step-Ups (2x10)(each leg)
  • Abs

Wednesday - PRACTISE


  • Box squats (8x2-3)(50%)
  • Pull-thrus (3x6) + Kettlebell Swings (Superset)(Sets of 6)
  • Abs
  • Hill Sprints (30mx5)

(switch between ME and DE)

  • Bench (3x3) - (2x10)
  • OHP (3x8)
  • Pull-Ups (3x10)

Anything you would alter? Or is the program completely off?

Maybe some Push Press instead of OHP? Just to get some added hip action. Power Snatches are good, or any Olympic Power Variation probably. Front Squats might be good. Maybe RDL’s.

Quite a while back CT recommend me some exercises for improving jumping for a friend of mine. I remember Push Presses and Front Squats on that list.

EDIT: Jump squats would be good too, and of course, just some regular vertical jumps.

A pull in the form of some sort of deadlift? I was just hesitant to impliment them due to the fact that alot of the posterior chain is greatly involved in the box squats already. Impimenting another form of squat would be too much squattin no? I remember being on stronglifts and squatting 3 times a week and being fine, but that was without all of the other sets of squats.

Edit: nevermind, wasn’t paying attention; you listed the pulls you had in mind haha

Unless you are a complete beginner it is usually better to periodize your training rather than trying to do everything at once. Conditioning-Strength-Power-Speed is the most common sequence. So take 2-4 weeks and do some easy reactive hops (double leg, single leg, forward, backward, sideways) along with low intensity weight training.

You could also use the eccentric/isometric weights used in “Triphasic Training” here. After 2-4 weeks switch to heavier weight training for 3-6 weeks and try to push up your strength while maintaining the volume of hops. Then incorporate some weighted jumps for 2-4 weeks while lowering the weight training to maintenance. Finally do some speed work for 2-4 weeks.

This could be jumping up and down off a box repeatedly (using a box height that allows you to keep the ground contact time to a minimum) or if you are more advanced (30+ inch vert) you could do depth jumps. Once again using only maintenance weight training. Then practice and test your jump for the next few weeks and see how much you have improved.

The way your program is set up you have very little reactive/speed work and very little power work and also not enough actual jumping. It’s mostly strength work. You should also add some more upper back/shoulder work since the arm swing adds quite a bit to a vertical jump.

Of course if you are playing basketball a few times a week you probably won’t need to add much if any jumping since you will be getting plenty of that during games. In that case bringing your strength up should do the trick if you are getting the proper stimulation from playing a sport.