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Program to Improve OHP?

can anyone recommend a good program for bringing up overhead press? free or paid is fine. After I finish the current program I’m on I’d like to really hammer the overhead press.


Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program set me up for HUGE overhead pressing PRs. After running that program, I ran some first edition 5/3/1 with a FSL PR set after the mainset and BBB style supplemental work and took what used to be a 1rm and pressed it for 5 reps before going on to set a 20lb PR.


It’s crazy that what is essentially some 10x10 work has resulted in what an already strong trainee considers a big part of his success.

I know it’s more than that, but.

Not so complicated after all!

I think the other x-factor, along with the 10x10, is the fact that weights didn’t move at all for 6 weeks at a pop: only rest times or training density. It gave my connective tissues some much needed recovery.

The other element worth noting is that I moved in between finishing Deep Water and starting up the 5/3/1 program, and in moving I was able to reconfigure my home gym so that I could have multiple racks going at once. This allowed me to rotate between 2-3 different press exercises during the BBB supplemental work (axle, log and trap bar press being my primary, but I also toyed around with behind the neck pressing), which may have also helped shore up some weak points.

Always a chance to learn and grow, haha.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it . . so how would you rotate between the axle, log, trap bar, and BTN . . every week? 3 weeks?

Every set. Sets 1 and 4 would be axle, sets 2 and 5 trap bar, sets 3 and 6 log, as an example. And I’d alternate which would be first between the axle and trap bar each week.

Thanks . . I may steal that . . I’m running a Brian Alsruhe program right now and the only thing I don’t have access to is an axle . . maybe I’ll alter it a little and rotate between pressing implements every week

Axles are stupidly easy to make. Get a 7.5’ length of 2" OD plumbing pipe and then use some gorilla tape 16" from the ends to make collars. But a barbell works too. I just always use an axle as my straight bar.

Happy to help dude.

Thanks, appreciate that . . .

do you feel that the behind-the-neck press has much carryover to the strict press?

It helped me. Depends on your weaknesses


That’s pretty cool. What’s the source?

Thibarmy article or one of CTs post on here, there’s one for squat/deadlift/bench too. Can’t remember.

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@strongmangoals The Main Purpose of Client Assessment: Exercise Selection

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Most of my best OHP gains have come from focussing on 5 sets of 3 or 2 or 1 etc.

This will def get press going, all laid out here…