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Program to Gain


Currently trying to make some decent gains. Basically I'm getting diet, workout, rest, and cardio in order to make good gains while maintaining BF.

I eat pretty much as clean as I can manage, and eat an amount of food that is conducive to gaining lean muscle mass.

Example of day:
1.Whole Wheat Cereal
1/2 Cup Milk
Whole Wheat Bread
Orange Juice
1 Scoop Protein Powder
800 Cals P35 C~100 F5

1 Scoop Protein
250 Cals P18 C~40 F1

Whole Wheat Bread
800 Cals P60 C~100 F4

4.7 Eggs
Flax seed
1000 Cals P75 C~3 F~60

5.Cottage Cheese
200 P10 C6 F~8

~3000 Calories 195/250/80

Does the amount of carbs,protein,and fat seem good? I'm pretty sure my P+C and P+F are alright? Critique?

ABBH1 right now
ABBH2 next (Should take 3 months total)

3x Sprints/Intervals Weekly
3-4x 40min Low intensity cardio Weekly
2x Week Rock Climbing Session

Supplement diet w/:
Fish Oil

I basically plan on sticking with this diet and workout for the next 3 months before making any changes so I want to make sure its the best I can make it. Again, I am trying to make gains, but the gains should be as lean as possible so I don't know if this would be considered a bulk.


Hi Mate

May cop flack for this but if u are aeting like this and trying to gain then u will look the same day and day out.I know u are trying to keep your bodyfat in check but the occasional Big Mac or some chocolate bars wont hurt,just dont be silly and have everyday.

I also think people have become to anal with nutrition. P + C P +F X+D J+I fuck its just all to much for u to worry about unless u are entering a contest or doing something where u must have a "perfect" body .Just get more calories than u burn and hit the weights hard.
There is a lot more to life than spending half your life worrying about P + f's and all that.
Im not bagging that system out ,i just feel at this stage u really don't need all the scientific nutrition advice.
Just lift heavy and eat big SIMPLE.


K of K


You'll probably have trouble realizing much if anything in the way of gains without limiting your cardio and/or increasing your caloric intake (which looks pretty low as it stands, well unless you're a smaller guy). You're not too likely to see gains if you are so concerned about keeping your bf where it is, you gotta give a little to get a little.


yep read that also 5x5 last nite i drank like ten beers and im all puffed up in the shoulders i look hooge water retention or dehydration or something


Beginners should defenitly step out of their hypothetical world and enter the real world where "good gains" come from fucking hard work in the gym, good sleeping and a whole lot of food! Reduce that cardio, just keep the sprints that's it and eat a lot of good food before ever thinking about ginseng and creatine.