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Program to Follow Get Jacked


Coach- wrapping up last 2 weeks of Get Jacked. Great Program- good results. What program would you recommend to follow up with? My goals are fat loss w/retain or even gain LBM.




If it worked why not run it again … or maybe i’m missing something.


its pretty intense and as the body tends to adapt i think id be better served to go with another program immediately following


Just pick a good strength program, be it WS4SB or Maximum Strength, throw in some cardio, and continue to diet (after taking a week or two off).


i love ws4bb, never heard of maximun strength ill search for it


I’m finding good results (2 weeks in) from Thibaudeau’s Optimal Volume Training program. The program doesn’t require cardio but I do it 3x a week.

Hope this helps.


depends on goals, but i’m currently stocking up for TC’s GJF, and after that i’m gonna follow up with wendler’s 5 3 1, as strength is the “next” goal.

therajraj also has a good option for ya, OVT is a good way to fill out that jacked body.


Instead of looking for pre-made programs, why not look back at your training logs and start doing your own programming, based on the things that have worked for you in the past?