Program to Build Conditioning and Aerobic Capacity

Hey guys! Just joined the forums even though I have been reading it for years. I have a question about incorporating conditioning and cardio on my cutting program. I’m going to use RPT on my cut since I got good experience from using it on earlier cuts. I was planning to hit the gym 3x a week and do 30min of basic cardio after lifting twice a week and then one 10min session of prowler/battle ropes after the third lifting session. I would do one more conditioning session of 20 minutes on saturday with prowler or battle ropes.

I’ve never really done conditioning so I just read the Predator conditioning guide and I wasnt quite sure if two conditioning sessions a week would give me any gains on that regard. I also would like to improve my aerobic capabilities hence the two 30min sessions after lifting. So the question is, if my programming is sufficient to improve both aerobic capabilities and my conditioning?

Thanks in advance! ps. haven’t written English in a while so I hope there aren’t any blunders.

Seems adequate