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Program to Bring Military Press Up?

Hey coach i’m ok with my other lifts, but my military is just sad. i would like to increase it, but don’t know of a smart plan how. i’m a type 3 pure, and i really don’t like 1RMs, i would like to increase something like 5RM. could you give some advice or maybe point me in a direction of a existing training plan?

Allberg is correct, especially when it comes to military pressing. I don’t remember which former olympic lifter (from the era when the press was a competition lift) said it but “to press a lot, you must press a lot”.

If your bench press is doing well and your military press sucks, it’s only a matter of technical or neural efficiency and frequency of non-fatiguing practice on the lift is the secret.

BTW your military press should be 60% of your bench press. If your military press is 60% or more of your bench, then it’s simply a matter of lack of overall pressing strength. The more it istoward 40-50% (or lower) the more likely it is to be a technique issue.

my 1RM is 65, and bench is 140kg…so around 40%. i do empty bar bradford press for 10-15 for 2 sets, and then i ramp for 5 reps till 55, thats my 5RM max atm. i also do alot of scapular pulls ups between sets and band pull aparts. is that ok?