Program, Tips, Where am I Going Wrong?

Hi guys, I’m 19 at the moment, started training 2 years ago at 60kg (skinny) and now a quite lean but much bigger 78 kg after two years of trying out different bulking techniques and my programmes based on a strength/volume cycle. QUESTION Just coming up to finishing my 12 weeks of strength 2:1 volume programme and thought I’d ask on here what bodybuilding/mass/aesthetic programme you’d recommend for me to go on to? Also any tips for me? Will be posting a few photos as (IMPORTANT HELP PLZ) It’s weird because I look bigger than I was and look like I go to the gym in a t shirt but soon as I take my t shirt off I don’t really, I have abs etc but can’t tell if it’s my proportions or genetic or wha tnot but like I say, shall put some photos. Thank you.

as I’m sure you’re probably all aware - there is no magic program. With the progress you’ve already made I would say you’re probably already at a stage where you can just design your own.

A few guidelines:

-3 to 5 exercises per larger bodypart, 1 or 2 per smaller
-3 to 5 sets per exercise
-main lifts done a little heavier 8 reps or so
-accessory lifts done with reps a little higher 10-12 or so
-isolation moves done 10-15 reps

train everything once every 5-7 days splitting it up any way so see fit (could go by bodypart like chest + triceps, or push/pull/legs or just whatever)

Hit your protein target, eat an abundance of nutritious food (with a tiny bit of shite thrown in every now and then for good measure), train hard, be happy, live a life that’s rich and full.


So u been at it a whole 2 years ehhh?? Thats a good start. One thing I can tell u is that this lifestyle takes patience as building mature muscle that lasts takes TIME. STICK with it, training, diet, rest and come back in a couple more years n see where your at. I’m sure at your age u will make great gains!

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