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Program Time


I've gotten a lot of useful information off here so far so I thought I would post this to see what peoples thoughts were on a new program I plan to start In December. I would also like some tips on my shoulder day as I currently do not train shoulders and if its worth doing direct arm training on this day as well?

Goal is weight loss while getting as strong as I can I am in no rush to drop the weight but I would prefer to be looking a lot slimmer by June.

5,3,1 is core of the core of the program and when I start it I would have 6/7 months training under my belt and I plan to stick to this program for at-least 6 months thanks in advance.

Squats 5,3,1
Leg press 4 x 10-12 reps
Smith Machine Lunges 4 x 10-12 reps
Stiffleg deads 3 x 10-12 reps

Flat bb - 5,3,1
Incline chest db - 4 x 6-8
Dips 4 x 10-12

Tuesday cardio - incline walking

dead lift 5,3,1
BB rows - 4 x 10-12
As sited pull ups 4 x 10-12
Back extensions 2 x 15

Standing Military press - 5,3,1
Facepull 4 x 10-12
Side rais 3 x 8-10

Incline walking


Looks pretty good. Balanced, pretty good choice of exercises. But as you mentioned, yes I do think direct arm training would benefit it. You could put triceps in on your chest day and biceps on your shoulder day (or back, but shoulders is your easiest day so far obviously). Could do some calves on leg day as well. Otherwise, seems like you've got your bases covered.

However... I notice you don't mention diet at all... what's your diet like? I hope you do understand that your training program hardly matters at all compared to what you are putting into your body. I'm not exaggerating there, diet is way, way more important than the specific training program you choose to do.


Why smith machine lunges?

Isn't the whole act of balancing and building strength through that part of the usefulness of lunges?




You know there is an entire forum on here devoted to 531 .

One thing I found is it can be pretty hard on the lower back doing Barbell Bent over Rows straight after deadlifts. Dumbbells rows however don't have that problem.

Edit: Also if you are only hitting one body part per week like the way you have it set up you may find you'll need more volume on your main exercises.
One popular way of doing this is: After hitting your final work set for as many reps as possible go back to the 1st work set and do it for either AMRAP or do it for 3 sets of 5-10.

I think that will help you out on shoulder day and I would recommend it on leg day as well. More squats would be better then Smith lunges IMO.
Don't do it on deadlifts though. For deadlifts do what Jim calls Joker Sets. Basically it just means keep ramping up in either 5's ,3's or singles depending on what week it is.

Oh and definitely do some curls. Shoulder day looks the obvious choice.
EZ Bar curls 3 work sets of 8-10.
DB Seated Curls 3 sets of 8-10.
Both work well.


Great thanks for the tips, I really like smith machine lunges but I'll do some more reading into it and I'm open to changing things up!
As far as the diet goes
Morning I have 2 scoops wey 1 table spoon of flax seed oil 1cup of fruit I can't change this at all it's all i can have in the morning with out feeling sick

meal 2 50grams of protein and 2 cups of vegies
meal 3 the same
meal 4 protein shake 50grams of protein
meal 5 50 grams of protein 2 cups of vegies 50 grams of carbs if its a weight training night
I have 5 fish oil tablets 2000 strength with each meal unless its fish or seafood

cassien shake 50grams of protein before bed

My pre work out shape is 20grams of protein half a teaspoon of creatine my post work out shake has 20 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs I use carb powder and 5grams of creatine I also drink bcaas durring a work out


Where's the fat? Where's the solid food (or at least, milk)? The eggs? The meat?


that's because they are easy-money compared to the real thing :wink:


i like it for the muscle being under constant tention i stack the weight on far from easy!! i havnt had a chance to read up on it yet but im opem to change.

i eat fish turkey red meat prawns in the three soild meals


There is nothing to "read up" about. You are definitely, definitely, making it easy on yourself, regardless of weight, if you are using a smith-machine to do your lunges.

Don't believe me? Grab a 20-lb dumbbell, or 30-lb since you "stack the weight", and do lunges with a completely straight back. If you are hunching over while doing the lunges, you're cheating.

Try(keyword : try) the same amount of reps+sets as you would with the smith machine.

I'd be curious to know if you found that easier or harder. No need to read up about anything, when you can simply try it out for yourself.


one of the bigger enlightenments you can have when it comes to strength training is the one of integrity of your self-evaluation...

are you being honest with yourself? are you being vain right now?

A lot of the time, the answer is no and yes, respectively. I'm no psychologist but i think it's almost impossible not to be vain when all you do is set PRs every week. It's an accomplishment.

That's why it's important to be honest with yourself about your training, and if you're not, then you'll be back here in 5 months talking about hitting 'plateaus' and/or 'imbalances'...


im very honest with myslef i understand that these prs will slow down hence changing my program that will allow me to progress for a longer period of time my main goal is fat loss after all the prs are a great reward.

Its a great feeling when i see this guy at the gym who told me the ladies gym is up stairs and i should go up there when i was learning to bench lift less than ne now but im dont get carried away i read i learn and try new things i dont have a what works for me mentailty im new i have no idea what works for me but as a new person i have to be careful of all the information out there and breaking away from the keep it simple approach im taking .


wrote that on my phone sorry if its hard to read im on the train :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, but when you look next to you and the guy is pressing as much as you squat, it's pretty humbling.