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Program That Helps Me?


Goal: To be Faster, stronger, and have better endurance/stamina for football. I can workout any day of the week. I am going for the tightend position (HS). Can anyone steer me to a program that fits these goals? Maybe the program has phases or if I do it for a long time it will all come together or something

Notes: Need a program that lets me squat/legpress on Mon, Wed, or Fridays. I am not happy with my progress and I want to achieve more.

Numbers(without bar added)
Bench: 175/180lbs 1 rep
Squat: 225lbs 6-8 reps
Deadlift 200 lbs 3/4 reps
6 feet, 185 pounds
40 yard dash 4.98

Been lifting for a year and about 4 months(?)


There's a version of 5/3/1 that would be great for you but can't remember the exact one. Check in the Jim Wendler coaching forums here.

Also, you don't need to squat three times a week if your programming is on point (like 5/3/1 is) and leg press is not the same as a squat at all. Leg presses are fine for accessory work or to get a pump after squatting to help drive hypertrophy but really aren't a replacement for squats if you want to get strong.


Westside for Skinny Bastards III. Hands-down the best program I know for what you're aiming for.


Agreed that it's a good option too.


PS -

A standard Olympic bar weighs 45lbs. Always add the bar weight, otherwise the number is pointless.

He said "or", not "and". So he wants a program that puts his leg work on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Just thought I'd mention it.


any program that involves you lifting heavy weights regularly will suffice. Combine a weight lifting program with regular conditioning work, apply a high level of intensity to both, and you'll be fine.

You gotta start eating, man. For the position you want to play, you should be over 200 lbs, even at a high school level. I'm not saying get fat, but you've got to start putting on weight. Pay a lot of attention to what you eat, and make better choices.

And as a side note: you're not squatting deep enough. We all know what high school football squats look like. I can tell your squats are shallow because you can squat so much more than you can deadlift. Don't lift for ego, or for numbers. Lift for performance. Deeper squats will benefit you in this regard.




I don't own a prowler so what should I do? There isn't room in my gym to walk 40 yards(or much for that matter). I'll start it today, and being tuesday, I'll go out for the conditioning (i'm doing the strength and speed template). Also, I thought athletes should be power cleaning a lot but I saw barely any in the program

@nighthawkz yeah thats what i mean thanks

@flipcollar You are right, I thought my depth was fine(gym teacher showed me how to squat) but I always thought it wasn't deep enough. Thanks. I'll try to get over 200lbs by the time next school year starts.

@RampantBadger thanks, if the WSFSB doesn't work I'll try it!


I really need to start reading things more carefully.


Get a magic carpet sled and drag it in your gym. Or push your car, or get a keg/sandbag and carry it, or run hills, or etc. It's really hard to condition wrong.

And if athletes need to power clean a lot, looks like I'm f**ked. The only time I do it is if I'm pressing the weight overhead.


Hill sprints. They're awesome. And they suck. Do them and you'll know what I mean :wink:

DeFranco prefers his athletes to do jumps and medicine ball throws instead as they are easier to learn and closer to what athletes actually do. You may disagree with him but power cleans are not an essential training tool.


Thanks everyone. One last question, how do I modify the strength and speed template so that lower body is on a Monday, Wed, or Friday