Program Tapered to Me

ian you’re a joke go away

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Why you say that, you don’t know me

You’re already overthinking … What makes you think a program that has worked for thousands upon of thousands of other lifters needs to be specially tailored to work for you?


So do 531. You’ve got Beyond, which has tons of pre-written challenges. Pick one that fits your goal and time frames. That’s going to fix your over thinking issues.

Since your fairly new, stick with the original 531 with bodyweight assistance template. Thats training economy 101. Keep it simple

Or use MarKO’s advise and pick a pre-written challenge. DAMN! Now we’re overthinking again. Oh Oh

Just picking one of the written plans and putting the work in may help prepare you, mentally as well as physically, for basic training.

Honestly mate imo you already have the best strength training book money can buy in beyond Jim spoils us with the endless possibilities of programming for our goals all that is left is for you to put in the hard work and train your ass off. Pick a program and rotate supplementary work every 6 weeks and ALWAYS obey principles.

The 2 That caught my eye where the 5’s progression + joker sets and the boring but big 13 week challenge with rows, chins, leg raises, and back extensions

Do BBB. Don’t do jokers

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From my understanding joker sets aren’t meant to be programmed, they’re meant for those special days where you just feel amazing and everything feels light.

Just keep reading this forum and you will see Mr. Wendler, the man himself, suggesting the same thing over and over. He’s recommended it enough times that I feel fairly confident recommending it to you now. I feel it is a great general setup for the very general goal of “get stronger”.

2-3 cycles of 5s Pro and FSL 5x5
followed by
2-3 cycles of PR sets and FSL 3x5

It don’t have to be fancy or “tailored” to you, at least not until you’ve put in some serious work for a few years and have more specific goals to work on. Now go get started.


So would this work for the first few cycles

  • Squat 5’s pro
  • Deadlift fsl
  • Hanging leg raises 50
  • Press 5’s pro
  • Bench fsl
  • Chin-ups 50
  • Deadlift 5’s pro
  • Squat fsl
  • Back extensions 50
  • Bench 5’s pro
  • Press fsl
  • Db rows 50

Go do the work.

Go do the work.

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Doing the work isn’t a problem for me I love working out. I would lift everyday if I could recover properly

Keep it simple, just do the “same lift” FSL

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Yes, it would. Do same lift FSL though, I can tell you from my own experience FSL is much less demanding than BBB so there’s no reason to do opposite lifts.

Okay I will, and I just did so I can squat twice a week since I like squatting a lot

Then do some kind of squats after deadlifts: front squats, for example, or box squats or something.

My point is not that you won’t do the work. It is that your plan can be very simple, leaving you to just “go do the work”.

The advice others gave is golden.