Program Suitable for 34y Old Overweight Beginner?

Hello lads. Ive started to get fat as my daughter loves to point out. Im new to lifting, im 205 pounds and 25-30% bodyfat and very little muscle mass. My goal is to loose alot of bodyfat and get a stronger, aesthetically pleasing physique but Im confused with all the different routines floating about. What ever routine i start it will have to be suitable for a caloric deficit. So far the 3 i like though look at are:

Babylovers Starting Strength, Wendlers 5/3/1 and Madcows 5x5.

But as i said id be in a caloric deficit so im unsure if any of these will be suitable for me right now, so really im just looking for some sound advice on what my options are. Thanks guys n gals.

Where would you be lifting, and who would you be lifting with? What kind of equipment is around?

Are you trying to just lift weights a few times a week, Or are you trying to really get serious with extra work on your days outside of the gym?

Wendler’s program is the truth, but if you only lift weights you miss out on a lot of the benefits.

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This will burn fat fast and as a beginnner put on a bit of muscle as well…

How much time do you have to train per week?