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Program Suggestions


Hi Christian !

Full-body been training since the beginning of the year. Already do squat, bench press, deadlift, front squat, push press on low rep.

I have the goal of gaining more volume and increase muscle mass. I currently have 1.84 cm, 84 kg, 13%. I want to gain 10kg in 3 months possible?

I want to add the high pull, power clean and hang snacth. I want to change my routine that most efficient and smart way. I want to merge all the exercises. Which program do you advise?

Thank you.


thats about 1.7lbs a week… a realistic goal, but there is no way you’ll gain 22lbs of muscle in that time! it’ll be alot of fat too.


The periode of three months was an assumption. If you win it until the end of the year already be satisfied. I live in Brazil, this type of program is not quite done here, so I ask your help.


This is very similar to what I am currently doing, and loving it!

Day 1
High pull work to 3rm x 5
Barbell back squat 4x5rm
Barbell jump squat 3x 8
Deadlift 4x 8

Day 2
Hang snatch work to 5rm x 5
Oh press 3-7 reps 4-5 sets
Face pulls
Dumbell rows

Day 3 off or cardio

Day 4
Power clean work to 3rm x3
Bench press 3-7 reps x 4-5 sets
Speed bench 3x 7@ 55%
Front squat 4x8

Day 5 off or cardio

Day 6 repeat 1

Day 7 repeat 2

My rep range is obviously based on which areas I need more mass and which areas i need the develop strength. But I have found that these pairings allows me to bring my A game