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Program Suggestions Please


Folks I'm in danger of being paralyzed by information overload. There is so much great information on this site but I need some direction if you guys dont' mind.

I'm just looking to do what most people are. I want to drastically cut BF (from upper 20's to mid to lower teens) and maintain or maybe add muscle. Fat doesn't tend to like to leave me. Anything you guys could recommend to really bust the fat?

I've been lifting off and on for 7 years.



You could try Chad Waterbury's 10x3 For Fat Loss program that was just posted a few weeks ago. The feedback so far has been pretty positive. Also check out the Running Man article by Christian Thibaudeau for general energy systems work to help cut the fat. How is the AD going for you or if you arent on it what does you diet look like now


Another option is to read some of CT's Mutation articles or the Beast Evolves article. Last time I cut I used a variation of his Extended 5's and it worked very well for me.


Thanks for your response. I've seen some folks checking out the Waterbury programs. I'll have to take a look.

Well, the AD is sort of in limbo. I think I was sabotaging myself on the carb ups. I was slamming every bad, sugar loaded carb I could find on the carb up days soI was basically losing and gaining the same pounds week in and week out. I haven't given up on the diet as a decent program. I just don't think I did the diet correctly. Anyway, I may need to give it another go.


For me the first two or three carbloads were pretty crazy, i took the pizza and beer to the extreme. If you can get the carb loads under control you will have good success. Otherwise there are other diets to get you down in bodyfat.