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Program Suggestions, Limited Facilities

Due to a busy schedule I’ve been forced to join a gym near my house that’s open 24h. Unfortunately it has limited facilities. Here’s what I’m working with:

  1. Squat rack and bar
  2. Olympic discs that are small diameter, increasing the range of deads from floor unless I put them on blocks.
  3. No bench for bench press. I can bench in the squat rack by lying on a standard adjustable bench, but it’s not an ideal set-up.
  4. Dip stands, chinning bars
  5. Dumbells only up to 30kg, plenty of adjustable benches
  6. Plenty of machines/cables

About me (weights in kg):

PBs: Bench 107.5x5, Squat 135x5, Dead 165x5, Chin +40x3, Dip +40x5, Military press 60x5
Bodyweight: 80
Height: 6’1"

Goals: Get stronger, add muscle, stay lean

Have been training 2-3 times per week, essentially full body, focusing on heavy compound lifts.

Here’s the plan I’ve cooked up, bearing in mind the equipment limitations:

Military press


Saturday (assistance day)
Chest-supported row
Lateral raise

Does this make sense? I’m trying to prioritise military press and dips because I can go heavy on them with an optimal set-up, whereas bench is not going to be ideal and I may not be able to go as heavy. I can use bench to support the progression of dips and overhead press, which can use some improvement. Any suggestions much appreciated.

Looks like a really good plan to me, working with what you have available. Although, to be honest, training only 3 times a week I wouldn’t have a day strictly for assistance, I would do at least one important compound movement that day. BUT that is more about your personal preference than “what program is best for what I have to work with”. I think you will definitely make progress with the program you have cooked up.

I really don’t see much limitations with your gym, except that eventually the dumbbells will be a bit light as you get stronger.

Other than that, you’ve got everything you need. I bench in a squat rack as well and it’s not a problem.

Yeah, I don’t see the limitations you are worried about. I actually like benching in the squat rack better because you have safety bars. What is the difference between benching in the squat rack and benching on a specific bench press bench?