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Program Suggestion

What training program do you suggest. My main goal is to gain max strenght, density and to lose some body fat (approx 5-10 pounds). hypertrophy is secondary.

there s a lot of good programs on this site, and im getting a little confused

Gaining max strength and losing body fat are seperate entities, and as such one encapsulating program probably won’t cover both extensivley. You need to clearly establish specific goals and go from there. If, for example, you decide max strength is what you want, I would employ a west-side template. If you wanted to lose body fat first then you will have to employ something different, i.e changing your diet, more “cardio” sessions (HIIT, walking, etc.) and change your lifting schedule around. Something similar to what C.T. may have laid out in his mutation series, but modified to your abilities. Judging from your post you want to get stronger and just hope to lose some fat by chance along the way. This may happen if your new to training and/or if you focus on your diet as much as your training. (Check out any of J.B.'s articles or his website for questions you may have)

So basically, clearly define your goals and use the resources available to help you reach them.



Exactly Tags ,i wish to gain strenght and if im lucky enough to lose fat .I want to mantain my weight .

Do i have to eat like a madman to gain strenght too…

So i could try Westside For Skinny Bastards and JB diets…

Tanks for the advice

Alright good luck!!