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Program Suggestion

There’s just so many programs on this site, I can’t decide which to do! I’ve got sports practice everyday except on the weekends, but the practice is only an hour long. The sport for now is Tennis. In winter it’ll be basketball, and spring it’ll be softball. School is also starting soon, but I’ll work around it.

So. Any ideas? I might be posting pics soon :D.

What is your goal?

If athletics is your thing, I really like DeFranco’s “Westside for Skinny Bastards” program. Also, if you are time challenged, his “Training Economy” article is good too.

Otherwise, I’d look into CW’s stuff (Strength Focused Mesocycle, Triple Total Training, Big Boy Basics), as it can apply to sports since his goal is always to get you stronger and train multiple qualities throughout the week.

Since you’re an athlete, look into Thib’s “Athletic Pendulum”.

My goal is basically become a better athlete, although looking better wouldn’t hurt.