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Program Suggestion?


Hi, I’m in need of help of a program choice. I competed last year in may but due to injuries and tight schedules i was not able to train consistently. No PRs was broken and i can honestly say i never went above 140kg.(best was 200) for squats cause I had a glute injury.
I’m going to compete somewhere in may this year but I’m do not have any proper programming. Prior to this i did 5x5 ,high rep work assistance and mobility work to reduce possible injury for a period until I had to take a few weeks off again due to school projects.
In addition to that I lost alot of weight so i definitely wont be at my peak. Can someone suggest a program to help me prepare for my meet? Assuming I’m going to be using very conservative values, going to assume max is 80% of my best (confident i can hit them) for my lifts. Thank you.


When is your meet and what are your currently lifts like? All of them.


If you have a few months before your meet, run 5/3/1. I’ve been running it since my last meet and it is phenomenal. The program is started light, based off a number thats 90% of your max, so it sounds like thats close to what you’re looking for. You can train 3-4 days per week with it, and you don’t spend all the time working with heavy weights. Look into it, I’m glad that I started using it


Find a simple linear progression that has you starting with higher reps and lower weight. As the weeks move forward the weight will get heavier and the reps lower. It’s not complicated and there’s no magic program.


May I ask what variation were you on? I was actually on a 5/3/1 cycle in 2015 where I was at my peak. I was using BBB but I feel like I was lacking after i finished BBB. After wards I could feel I was stalling. I think i ran it for 8 cycles before I had to take a long break and all the problems started.


BBB is the equivalent of a hypertrophy block, you get used to doing lots of reps with light weight which will build muscle but it’s not going to give you instant gains on your 1rm. If you are going to do 5/3/1 you should use a variation that has you doing each lift at least twice a week, otherwise you won’t really get enough practice to develop your technique. Linear progression or 5x5 of some sort sound like the bet options if you ask me.


Do you mean 5/3/1 with the 5x5 assistance or stick with purely 5x5. And how would I transition from a strength phase to a power phase, cause in the end I am prepping for a meet.


I mean that you should do something that allows you to progress fast because you haven’t been training seriously lately. 5/3/1 is a slow progression, you could use that but adjust your maxes any time you set a big PR.

There isn’t supposed to be a power phase for powerlifting, as strange as that sounds. The point of a power phase is to take the strength that you developed in the previous phase and use that to develop speed and acceleration. It works for throwing sports and stuff like that, but in powerlifting it doesn’t matter how fast you move the weight as long as you move it. What you need is a peaking phase. You should be doing a lot of work with 80%+, up to 90-95% in the last few weeks before the meet. You can do some singles around 90% too, but lots of people never do singles in training. Worry about that when you get to it, focus on getting stronger first.

When is your meet?


I think I’ll stick to 5x5 for now since I’m halfway into it. Only problem with 5x5 is my deadlifts though cause I’m used to alot of volume and weight for my deads so I dont really feel much from 1x5.

And I think I got confused between power and peaking. Cause I read somewhere strength routines are not the same as powerlifting routines but never mind that. Should I run candito’s program for peaking? And I don’t have an exact date for my meet I only know its around may.