Program Suggestion to Get Back Into Things.

So not long ago I was a solid intermediate power lifter and I still have decent numbers but I took a little over two months off due to flooding at my gym and getting acclimated to a new job. I focused on cardio in that time, got my mile time down to 6:03 but I also slimmed down about ten pounds and my lifts have all gotten a little weaker.

Looking for a nice simple beginner program to gain some strength and muscle back. Was thinking about Fierce 5 or Grey Skull but open to suggestions. Was also wondering if I should swap all instances of bench out with incline or close-grip bench as my pecs have always been disproportionately large and I hate it.

I would just do what ever you did to get here. You already know what worked for you. Why change it ?


2 months isn’t that much of a layoff in the grand scheme of things. If you’ve got a good base built up, you’ll be right back to the numbers you were at in no time.

Can’t go wrong with 5/3/1

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See here too.