Program Suggestion for my Wife

My wife has been doing greyskull LP for about 14 weeks and has made great progress working out 4 days a week. She was a true beginner. She’s doing pushups, chins, lunges and some Trx for push/pull/single leg core work after her barbell lift.

I’d like to get her going on one of the 5/3/1 programs because I think LP type programs begin to get too intense without much cycling (5 steps forward 3 back).

Any recommendations for a 4 day program? Quicker is better since we now work out in my garage here in New England. I own most of the Wendler books.

Stupid question, what are her goals? Just in general I really like Fat Loss/Prep from Forever. It has several kinds of lifts, work capacity improvement, and a 45-minute time limit on the lifting.

My wife does 531 and has for some time. She has not specific goals but wanted something that would keep her healthy and strong. She does 531 3x a week, and does either yoga or cardio about 2-3 days a week.

She does BBB with two assistance moves each lift. She isn’t real strong, so the volume isn’t too much. Her days are:

Squat 5’s PRO + BBB. Superset with 5x10 e of a push and pull (for example, knee push ups and curls)

BP 5’s PRO + BBB. Superset with 5x10 e of a push and core (for example, rows and ab wheel)

Trap Bar DL 5’s PRO + BBB. Superset with 5x10 e of a push and pull (for example, assisted pull ups and bench dips)

Thanks for the responses. Right now her goal is to get strong and then she will want the beach body for May. Which sounds great to me since we are 40 and our beach bods haven’t been around for quite some time.

I am curious Antiquity if your wife has gotten stronger doing the 5’s pro, and if so, after how many cycles did she see some strength gains?

She says she has definitely gotten stronger while doing this. She’s 49, and has been relatively active but had never done any barbell training until she started this. Like I said, she has zero actual strength goals and often doesn’t even raise the TM after a cycle. She treats it more as sustaining program for life rather than short term program.

My advice is that if she eventually loses interest and quits (highly likely), just let it go.

Unless she asked you to find her something new I wouldn’t change anything.