Program Structuring

Would it be effective in a training split to do an arms workout the day before a chest and back day? My thinking is that the chest and back would get less help from the triceps and biceps and would get more stimulation for growth.


But then you wouldn’t be able to lift as heavy. I would personally leave a day in between your arms and back/chest workouts.

Ok, that’s the way I’m doing it now. I just thought it might be more effective with arms first.

Unless you are doing an arm spec. program (for arm growth), prefatiging them is not going to help the chest/back more. How much time under tension (TUT) would you be able to give the chest if the arms failed sooner? Same goes for back…it’s common sense. Prefatiging muscles which are involved in compound movements will only diminish the exercises results, and gives the prefatigued muscle more stimulation.

If you want better target muscle stimulation, choose another exercise (e.g. dips/dumbell presses for chest, or rack pulls/1 arm dumbell rows for back), or improve the form/control/muscle and mind connection/grip angle and or width etc.

Unless you are really gaining decent weight, and other muscle groups are really “over-taking” the target muscles (e.g. back/chest) which is unlikely, then you don’t need to worry about the “perfect exercise” or split. If the scale isn’t going up, you’re not eating enough and cannot expect the target muscles to grow no matter what you do