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Program Split Advice


Push pull legs rest push pull legs repeat or upper lower rest upper lower rest split?

what split will benefit me more? i have the time do go to the gym everyday so what split would benefit me more

my goal is to build size and mass
17 years old
just got recovered from a broken fore arms so i cant lift too heavy/powerlifitng
so i just want to focus in just size and mass
80kg large bodyfat cause of the injury i over eat
2 years on and off training because of injuries


Size AND mass?

You’re greedy


i just want to look huge even i dont have cuts sorry for bad english


Just messing with you mate!

Get on a tried and tested program from here, stick with it for as long as possible, be consistent and apply intensity.

Also make sure some numbers (sets/reps/weight etc) are increasing for the majority of your workouts.


can you give me some tested programs here sir?


Personally I would start off with Waterbury’s Total Body Training because I’m a sucker for full body workouts however that’s just me…

Just find one and stick with it. It’s a long game buddy!


push pull legs since you have the time to devote to the gym


Since you have time to hit the gym everyday, don’t wanna lift heavy cuz of injury, and wanna focus on size, I’d say CTs “best damn workout for natural lifters” might be up your alley


i honestly dont like CTs best damn workout for natural lifters i think it lacks volume i guess


cooclcicada ppl or can you suggest?


Considering your lack of experience, I’d suggest rethinking your position. You’re not qualified to accurately make such determinations.


thats why im asking here so that u can help me decide whats the best way or path i will need to take


You have gotten great advice so far. Chad W plans are great. I’ve benefited from his 10x3 program.

Also Chris T is a no BS internationally known trainer who personally answers your questions on this very site.

The very first sentence in his article is: “The number one mistake by natural lifters is doing too much volume. You need to trigger protein synthesis and then stop training.


i see i will try these program then


how long should i run these program


You haven’t started and are already seeking the end?


ohhh i see understand your point


i just have one question i lack calves so where will i add calves exercise? push or in pull? i just want to add it.


Honestly, I was spoiled with large calves and have never spent much time training them. With that said, jump on a stair master and go for 10 minutes on your toes, without your heels touching.


i see thank you so much for guiding me!