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Program Spilt Advice



This xmas i'm planning a 6 week period of intense training to improve my rowing (the trial row takes about 6:40 btw) and strength. i will be doing 6 ergs a week (some high intensity on off days, and steady state on weight days) and want to add some weights and maybe some strongman type stuff for condidtioning.

I have used a number of T-Nation programs up until now, but for this, i can't find one to suit. bassicaly, priorities are quad and posterior chain strength, then back... chest isn't really used in rowing, so i'm planning on using hyperthropy parameters for that day. abs will be Ian Kings Killer Abs part 4 (on 3 atm) - core strength is important to me.

how does:

mon: quad dominant leg
tues: back and abs
wed: off or strongman stuff and abs
thurs: hip dominant leg
fri: chest and abs
sat: just the erg or strongmans too? and abs

firstly, how does this sound, and will adding the conditioning strongman stuff lead to overtraining (i've been lifting for 4 months or so)?

my stats are: 6'3", 200 lbs. dead: 230 for 3. bench 200 for 3. squat: 200 for 3. (real numbers - i really sucked when i started ok.) I'll be eating 40/30/30 at maintanace (probably about 3k with all that rowing - i'm a definate FFB)

If most recon this sounds like a good split, i'll figure out a plan and post it.

Thanks so much in advance,



I'd tweak the bodypart split, definitely. And I'd consider holding off on the Strongman stuff for now. 6 erg sessions a week are intense enough, add some lifting on top of that, and you're pretty well set. Unless your conditioning is a specific weakness that you want to address. Otherwise, Strongman, right now, would be a waste of energy and training time.

I'd probably go something like:
Mon.:High Rep, Horizontal push + abs
Tues.:Vertical push + vertical pull
Thurs.: Off
Fri.: Low rep, Horizontal push + abs
Sat.:Lower Body
Sun.: Off

Basically, with all the consistent rowing work, I'd want to emphasize horizontal pressing just as much (hence the 2 days, 2 rep ranges). The vertical push/pull day would work towards general shoulder girdle health and stability. Lower body day could use a deadlift variation, some kind of single leg movement (lunge, step-up, pistol, and maybe a big, giant core-intense move, like an overhead squat, or a Turkish Get-up, or something big and complete.

Just some food for thought.


thanks, i think the strongman stuff would be excessive.. but i don't get why there is such focus on the horizontal push - power in this plane is not needed at all?
and why only one lower body day, if lower body is my focus, woudn't two be more useful?

I'm not arguing or trying to say i know more (i don't) but i don't understand the reasoning.



My biggest concern is the large volume of pulling/rowing. Obviously, we can't emphasize pushing with equal volume, but by addressing it on two fronts (high rep, and high load), we can try to ward off/slow down any imbalances. I think between 6 days of rowing, puling vertical pulling, plus some form of deadlifting, your back strength and speed won't be an issue.

Again, with 6 days of erg work, I think that one quality lower body workout will suffice. I understand that the erg work will have the intensity cycled, but it's still 6 days of repetitive motion. If we're adding weight training on top of that, it's going to be about quality, not quantity.

Totally just my opinions and thoughts though. Do you possibly have a rowing coach or crew teammate, or someone similar with more spcific experience with the sport, who you can run some ideas by?