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Program Similar to WSFSB1/2/3 But Not Geared Towards Athletes?

Anyone got any programs that are similar to WSFSB1/2/3 but arent meant for athletes? I like the heavy upper, light lower, light upper, heavy lower type of routine and i have made good progress. Just wondering if there are any good programs similar to it, maybe an article that CT has written with a program like that?

Make one yourself? Duh.

It’s not like you HAVE to do a pre-made routine, although I hear a decent one is the Simple Power Based Routine that you can find over at IronAddict’s website.

You already have the template for dynamic upper/lower and max effort upper/lower, so just make your own program.

Uh, you don’t have to be an athlete to do WS4SB. You do know this, right?