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Program Set-Up for Strongman


This summer I am going to start training for a strongman competition. The gym that I am going to be using has all the equipment needed to train for strongman. In the mean time I have been working out at World's Gym. I need some advice in how to go about incorporating the WSB program for strongman training at World's Gym.I want to try to bring up my strength for srtongman with gym lifts prior to using strongman equipment.(stones,tires, logs etc.)
I am returning from a nine month layoff. I am 5'8 and I weigh 230 lbs.


just some idears maybe an example.this is my second post my first post was confusing.so this is the rewrite.I mentioned this in the first post I'll be learning the correct technque of the Olifts first,by june main goal is the strongman. a little more info might help.i'm a t-mag since 2000.


Focus on your base and core strength and begin working in a couple of the strongman moves to learn the form. At the least, you should be working on increasing the following lifts:

Clean and Jerk/Overhead Pressing

I use a Westside Template, but sub in C&J's for benches. Precontest, I work in events 1-2 times a week with Lat workouts, however, you can do event work as assistance work also.
Also - Work your grip as much as possible.