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Program Selection with Winter Coming

So winter is coming and I train in my basement, doing weighted movement’s etc. in the yard. With winter coming I’m going to have to rethink that. Sure farmer’s carries in the snow sounds fun :confused: but I’m concerned about the effect on the barbells and plates being in that environment, I’ve probably done enough damage training in the rain.I just started getting into strongman two months ago with CT’s Zombie Apocalypse Workout, I’ve done farmers carries and sled pulls since the spring though. Before Zombies I was on Amit Sapirs No Machine Workout for four months, CT’s Power Look for four months, and before that some bs I came up with when I first started into lifting June 15’, before that I was an endurance athlete/ army pt/ calisthenics. My main goal is to be ready for combat as I plan on returning to Afghanistan as a contractor after I graduate college in the spring, other goal is to start competing, maybe win some kind of “shortest man to sin something in strongman” title (5’7").
So I really like parts of the Zombie program, mostly the ones that Mother Earth is about to make difficult. There is an oly lift everyday which has done great things in the last two months for my power that has helped my deadlift and such, but the oly’s are also beating my wrists up pretty good, hadn’t done a clean or anything since HS football 11 years ago. I did pick up a 175lb atlas stone a few weeks ago, I’ve been lapping as part of deadlift day I still need to get a flooring setup before I start loading it in the rack. I found a strongman template on elitefts by Jason Nunn and did this with it:
Proposed Strongman Program
1a Barbell Flat Bench workup to 1-3 rep max
1b Pushup Plus 3x12
2a Dumbbell Incline Press 4-6x8-12
2b Trap Bar Row 4-6x8-12
2c Bicep Curl 4x12-15
1 Plyometric Movement 3x5
2 Deadlift workup to1- 3 rep max
3 Split Squat 4x8-12
4 Aerobic Work
1 Power Snatch or Power Clean and Jerk workup to a 1-3 rep max
2a Squat or Front Squat workup to a 3-5 rep max
2b Pullup 1xmax
3a Single Leg RDL 6x8-12
3b Overhead Press 6x8-12
4 Tabatas
1 “Axle” (towel around bar) Clean and Press
2 Farmer’s Carry
3 Sled Pull
4 Arm Over Arm Pull
5 Atlas Stone Loading
1 Chest Fly 3x12
2 Chinup 3x12
3 Three Way Shoulder Fly 3x30
4 Skullcrusher 3x12
5 Zercher Squats 3x12
6 Ab Rollouts 3x15

It was a four day template but I have found that I prefer high volume and this is also my addiction… so I added an extra day of contrast, but a day that I can just skip if I get too busy as I have been lately, or it may be a makeup day if event day gets cut in half by a blizzard. I am doing the new program this week as a contrast/ deload/ test run. I’ll see how it goes and decide from there, but I know I have to do something different before the snow gets here. I am also starting my first AAS run next week, so that is a volume consideration.
Another consideration if Zombie looks better is to just like high knee in place indoors on the weighted carries or something…
Any advice or thoughts?

I forgot the actual question I had… what does a rep scheme for training the events look like? I haven’t had any luck finding that. Is it a max effort on everything? How many reps/ sets of each? What should i set the distances to on carries/ pulls? etc

At first I thought this was a Game of Thrones reference.

Do you have a contest coming up? If so, the parameters of the contest and your current abilities guide event training. If you’ve got a 200# axle press for reps and have a 300# max, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the high rep ranges. If on the other hand you max out at 175#, you’re gonna need to spend more time working toward increasing your limit strength.

Greenhorn myself, so take this with the requisite grain of salt, but each event is just so much different than the other and have different demands. For instance, I can axle clean heavy and feel fine the next day, whereas heavy stones will have me drained for days after. Even for similar events the demand is different. I’m fine carrying something in front of me at weights around 90%, but a 90% or so yoke walk sucks the life out of me. Something to consider when planning event rotations.

Personally like training mid-intensity on events to work on technique and speed.

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Thanks, I don’t have any event planned at the moment I haven’t got that far. I was kind of just looking for general events to practice and train on with the equipment I have. I will check out some events in the area and see if I can build a training day out of prep for them. RN all I have for implements is a 175 stone, hex bar, a sled I made out of a truck door, and the typical gym setup, so I have a lot of things to acquire. The elitefts program suggested alternating heavy and light/speed weeks, but I’m really more lost on say how far to pull the sled, or how many rounds for each event. Should it be run like a circuit (stone, press, sled, repeat)?

There’s a lot of really good strongman on these forum, many of whom have logs you can peruse. Practically all of them go about event training in their own way. I’m limited as to how far I can carry/drag since I’m usually training in some sort of confined space. You can mix it up though, carry lighter things for longer, heavier things a little shorter; both as fast as possible however. @T3hPwnisher, a strongman on these boards, pushed a prowler for a god-damned mile or something wacky. Christian T has published quite a few things regarding carry loads & distances in articles and in his subforum if you’d rather be more precise with loads & distances.

Actually, the equiptment you have listed lends itself to how I set-up my event day (or rather, more how Joe DeFranco set up HIS event day, haha.) It goes explosive, load, then carry/drags

I recently did an event day using similar implements as you, which was:
1 Axle clean, Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. (explosive)
3-5 x 5 stone-to-shoulders (load)
Yoke walk for around 5 runs (carry)

Medleys are always fun too, I’d probably do more but at the moment I’m more concerned with technique and limit strength than I am speed or conditioning.

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Just get all weather paint and keep plates painted, wd 40 the shit out of were you dont paint. And tape the handles , my friend did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan he is a Navy corpsman for paramilitary jarheads seals. So he had to carry equipment he would do a lot of walking up inclines and in the sand with up to 180 pounds on back sand bags in his back pack to get ready for deployment as well as duck walks for a quarter mile, not with 180lbs. God speed brother

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Check out Alphas log here( Brian Alsruhe)

Great plan of his…

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Thanks TX that’s what I was looking for in regards to how to set up event days. Medleys definitely look fun, I need to get some kegs or sandbags or something eventually. I should honestly probably stick more to ohp at the moment rather than put a big focus on other events, they are pretty behind from impingement problems I was having.

I actually use my cousins basement, it’s my equipment but we share it and I kinda shouldn’t be a dick and drag snow in. I went as infantry and at 130bw everything was fucking heavy. Wearing armor all day sucked. That’s what turns me on about strongman cause that’s what the army should mimic because no soldier needs to run five miles, they need to be able to sprint with or lift hundreds of pounds. I’m trying to go back as private security. It would be bad ass to get ahold of a good ruck to train with too.

Thanks Badger I forgot about that video, I found it a few months ago when I was looking at programs and forgot when I was looking into something new this week. I’ll check that out after work. Day two of the new program isn’t really doing it for me so far. I’ve really had good results with the continuous ramp method in the past and in Zombie, and never tried warm up to a set of three protocol. Maybe it was a bad day or maybe I need to warm-up different but I lost 20 plus pounds on DL.

You are pretty much walking around with bdyw eight plus all day , i was just regular navy on a carrier. But only 10 percent of guys worked out regularly, glad to see more soldiers staying in shape nowadays.

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Thanks for the link Badger, I trialed Brian’s template this week and it worked great once I figured out what I had to work with. I had some issues plugging in exercises for a giant set with what I have available but I came up with:
Day 1:
1a Pullups, 1b Push Press, 1c Ab rollouts
2a Strict Press, 2b Overhead Walk, 2c Shoulder Fly
3 Clean and Press
Day 2:
1a Box Jump, 1b Deadlift, 1c EZ Bar Curl
2a Deficit Deadlift, 2b Single Leg RDL, 2c Glute Bridge
3 Sled Drag
Day 3:
1a Trap Bar Row, 1b Bench Press, 1c Rear Delt Fly
2a Incline Bench, 2b Decline Dumbbell Press, 2c Chest Fly
3 Stone/ Sand Bag Loading
Day 4:
1a Snatches, 1b Squat, 1c Ab Rollouts
2a Zercher Squats, 2b Good Mornings, 2c Split Squats
3 Farmer’s Carries

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If I was you I would focus on traditonal barbell and dumbbell movements 2 or 3x a week, really focusing on getting my deadlift and squat up.

Then once a week I would head to the woods. I would find large rocks and logs, to carry, throw, press, and load. I would also throw some rocks on that home made sled and pull. This way your gear is protected and you are still getting strongman type work in. Ross Enamait has a video about him training in the snow and he does similar things. It wont be the exact same as strongman training, but it will keep you in great shape till the spring. Good luck.

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