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Program Selection Help

I have been hanging around this site and just reading for the last year or so now and i finally decided to post. My question is what program would you guys recomend most for gaining quality muscle?

I just recently got a bad flue which knocked me out for about two weeks and then the next week after the only gym around shut down for a few weeks to do some repairs. So its been about a month now after that and i need to gain some of that muscle back.

At 6’ and now 180 (was pushing 190) i need all the help i can get. So i was wondering if you guys could help me out and tell me what program you think would work best. Thanks.

Any program is going to work for you but nothing works forever. Find something that sounds like fun and stick with it for 6 weeks or so. Take a week off and find a new one. A logbook will help you to decide which programs work the best for you that way you will know which programs to use next year and which ones not to use.