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Program Review


Just want some opinions on the split I've been using. Goals are to build muscle/strength.
Day one Chest
Bench press 4x6, ramping up to a 6 rep max
incline DB bench 3x12,10,8 again ramping up weight
dips 3x12,10,8
Incline flies 3x12,10,8
cable crossovers 3x12,10,8

Day 2 Legs
Squat 4x6 work up to 6 rep max
RDL 4x6 6 rep max
Hack squat (with barbell behind the legs, kinda like a deadlift) 3x12,10,8
GHR 3x12,10,8
Leg ext. drop sets 2x 12,AMAP
Leg curl drop set 2x12,AMAP
The dropsets kill my legs and make me want to throw up btw

Day 3 Back
Rack Pulls 4x6 to 6rm
Pull ups 3x12,10,8
Seated row 3x12,10,8
Straight arm cable pulldown on incline bench 3x12,10,8
Face pull 3x12,10,8

Day 4 Shoulders/ Arms
Push Press 4x6
Behind the neck seated press 3x12,10,8
Rear delt flies 3x12,10,8
lateral raises 3x12,10,8

2 arm exercises each for bis/tris 3x12,10,8

So far its been working for me and I like it but do you guys see anything wrong with it?


Looks like it could use some calf work, no?


fuck you're right lol. Honestly, I rarely ever train calves. I think they should be at the end of my legs day, sitting and standing calf raises. 3x12 for each?


Before I recommend some stuff... what are your stats currently? Height, weight, are you fat, how's your strength?


Depends on your calf genetics. I have some skinny calves so I train them at the beginning of my leg day after rolling them out with a wooden dowel. Full stretch, no bounce. I usually try and go heavier for standing and lighter for sitting. So like 3-4x8-10 and 3-4x12-14, but it all depends on the day.


[quote]colin1168 wrote:
Goals are to build muscle/strength.

I'd say pick one or the other. Your program looks fine if you're trying to do both. You will be compromising either max strength or max size though imo.


Unless the OP is fairly advanced, which doesn't seem to be the case based on his post, there's no reason he can't make good progress gaining size and strength at the same time.

Most intermediate "bodybuilders" would likely be better off if they focused on getting stronger.


yea I would definitely consider myself intermediate at best. my current stats are 5'8'', ~175 lbs. My best lifts were bench 195, squat max was 275, deadlift I've done 315 but could probably due 365 if not more.


How many days are you willing to train?


I like it. Looks similar to my split except I 531 the main lift and order it slightly differently - chest, back, arms/sh, legs.

This is mainly to get back and legs as far away from each other. Its more important for me because I DL rather than rack pull for back and need the recovery time for hams and lower back. It also lets me CGP for tris and bench at opposite end of the weeks. Your setup has you benching after arm day.

If you add in calves to leg day, I would find the number of exercises a real challenge. Three ham exercises is very virtuous but I couldn't stick to it. Personally I find that by dead lifting on back day, I need less ham-string work on leg day.

There is no shrugging. Some people get big traps from their pulling exercises, others need to shrug.


I have rest days between legs and back, and also between shoulders/arms and chest.


Others cannot guess where your rest days are.. It makes a lot more sense now that you said where you have your rest days. I thought you were lifting 4 days in a row. If it is working for you then stick with it. Take a look at your nutrition if you really want to improve your overall program.