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Program Review/Suggestions

Hello all,
I’m currently forward deployed to Afghanistan and I have three months or so left in my deployment. The following are my training maxes:
405 paused Bench press
635 Deadlift
505 squat (strict ass to grass squat)
I weigh in at about 250-255 (our scale isn’t too accurate) and I’m 6’3". After this deployment I was thinking about doing a powerlifting competition at the 220 pound weight class in September or October. I wanted to cut down to about 220-230 by Mid August. I’ve read on quite a few articles that when strength athletes cut weight they actually have been known to gain strength. Is this true or just another “Gain 10 pounds of muscle while losing 20 pounds of bodyfat” myth?

Anyways, a simple outline of my program is as follows:
3 days a week I started doing a full body big three workout with a 5x5 set/rep scheme, with workout one focusing on bench, workout 2 focusing on squat and workout 3 focusing on deadlift. I do the auxiliaries for bench on workout 1, hitting the tris and chest decently hard, while still doing 5x5 on the squat and deadlift. Workout 2 I focus on the squat and squat auxiliaries while still doing my 5x5 on deadlift and bench. On workout three I focus on deadlift while still performing 5x5 on bench and squat, along with 10 sets of 10 for a light overhead press and hitting the delts after I’ve done my back work. On the days where bench, squat and deadlift are my main focus I do a 3x3 max effort day for that main lift and stick with 5x5 for the other two core lifts.
I usually finish my workout with some sort of conditioning, usually 4-6 sprints on a treadmill. On the days in between I run 1 mile repeats, and do a very slow long distance run once a week in order to maintain some form of Cardio.

I can post a more detailed overview of my program, but before I get too into it I was seeking some peer reviewed advice. I appreciate it!

Regarding cutting to 220 from 250s…I think that could be trouble since you are pretty tall at 6’ 3" and have good numbers anyways. If you arent carrying around alot of bodyfat its very likely you would lose strength, how much is hard to determine. Maybe just hold what you got and compete at 242, or your walk around bodyweight since it would be your first meet.

As far as your programming, thats a good basic approach. As long as you are making progress consistently I wouldnt worry too much about it. I personally am a fan of benching and squatting 2x a week but do whatevers in your means and keeps you getting better.