Program Review, Help Appreciated

I have here a program I put together when I started lifting and have been improving since. I started weightlifting last February but now I’m trying to get serious with my training.

The program is as follows:

Back & bicep: Deadlift 1x8
1 arm row 3x10 each hand
Pulldowns 3x10
Reverse Curls 3x10
Chest & triceps:Bench Press 3x8
Incline Bench 3x8
Dips, weighted 3x12
Triceps pulldowns 3x10

Legs: Squats 3x8
Leg press 3x10
Lunges 3x8
Glute ham raises 3x10
Standing calf raises 3x15

Shoulders & abs: Sitting shoulder press 3x8
Lateral raise 3x10
Dumbbell front rise 3x10
Leg raises 1x90

Not being any genius in the area, it would be very appreciated if I could get a critical review on this program.

I am 18 years old, about 6ft tall, 180 lb, not sure about fat% but I would guess around 12-15%and my goal ( unsure if it is realistic, would also like opinions on that) is to add about 18 lb of muscle in a year or so. I plan to use this program for most of the time but also have plans to add in Smolov squat program sometime this fall and maybe other programs.

**Fixed the setup, now shows Sets x Reps
Any help much appreciated.

You’ve got a good ideas or two in putting together this program, but I’d change a point or two. Here’s my suggestion:

Back & bicep:
Deadlift 8x1
1 arm row OR Pulldowns 10x3
1 arm row OR Pulldowns 3x8-12: choose ONE to do HEAVY (10x3), and ONE to do LIGHT (3x8-12)
Barbell Curl 10x3 (reverse curl is a secondary/auxillary exercise; if you want to keep it, do a lighter scheme, like 3x12)

Chest & triceps:
Bench Press 8x3 OR Incline Bench 8x3 OR Dips, weighted 12x3
DB flyes OR peck deck 3x8-12 (maybe not really necessary…try and see)
Close grip bench press 4-6x3
Triceps pulldowns 3x8-12 (same as DB flyes)

Squats 8x3 OR Leg press 10x3
Leg extension 3x8-12 (same as DB flyes)
Lunges 8x3 OR Glute ham raises 10x3
Standing calf raises 8-10x3

Shoulders & abs:
STANDING BB shoulder press 8x3
Lateral raise 3x8-12 (an isolation drill, don’t need to go heavy, just focus on “feeling” the muscle working)
Dumbbell rear delt raise 3x8-12 (with all the pressing you already do, I bet you don’t need front raise)
Leg raises 90x1 (is that a mistake? Choose a reasonable set/reps scheme…)

Basically, I just cut down the volume (if you work with a true 5RM on 8-12x3, you’ll thank me later :-), eliminated some redundance and picked a best suited exercise in a few cases.

Where I left some options, choose ONE exercise, try to increase the load weekly, and if you stall, switch to another.

I guess DL 8x1 aren’t TRUE single attempts (+90% 1RM); otherwise, reduce to 4-5 singles. Since you splitted body parts, RACK PULLS are a better option (more focus on back, less on hams/lower back).

I’ve been using 8/10/12x3 scheme: it’s great, but be very careful with volume; as I got stronger (x2 bw on squat) I found that more than one exercise with such a scheme made the workout too draining.

I assume you have your rep and sets written backwards. It should be written 3x10, unless you really are doing 10 sets of 3 reps, in which case, I recommend against. I also suggest doing less reps and more weight. But, that’s just a personal opinion. I try to keep my rep range between 5-8 with the last rep being the last one that I could possibly do.

Eighteen pounds of muscle in a year is not unrealistic, especially if you are still fairly new to muscle building. Increase the food intake and lift hard and you will get bigger.

[quote]Iron-Hoosier wrote:
I assume you have your rep and sets written backwards.[/quote]

lol…I think you’re right ! ! !

Yes, they are written backwards, my mistake. The plan is to be doing 8/10 reps, 3 sets of the exercises, not the other way around.

Ok, here’s my opinion. Your program isn’t bad. I would add some pull-ups to your back routine, they will rip your back up quite nicely and they are also a good secondary bicep exercise. If you can’t do more than 6-8 every set then hang in the up position for as long as you can until you can get to 6-8. If you can do more than 12 you should add some weight. If you don’t have a belt you can hold a dumbbell with your feet. I also think you should do bent over barbell rows at some point, they are good for your core. I personally always do them, but you can alternate them from week to week with the single arm rows.

For your shoulders you should do some upright rows and shrugs both can be done with a barbell or dumbbells. I would also, like I stated before, change my rep range. Ten is OK for the first set, but I would add weight with each set, ending with a weight that you can only do 5-6 times. I would also add sets over time. Working up to 5 sets per exercise.

This is all just personal opinion. As I said before, your routine will work, but I think the things I mentioned will help put more muscle on your frame. Especially if you are eating enough.