Program Review C&C Appreciated

It’s been awhile since I’ve asked for something like this for myself instead of giving them (mainly on sport-specific sites). But sometimes coaches are blinded by their own eyes and so I figured I’d ask for some insight into my current training and nutrition in relation to my goals and expectations.


Age: 24
Weight: 186
Height: 5’8"
BF %: 9.4% (7 fold)

Training experience: Variety of different styles drawing from traditional BB, DeFranco, Waterbury, Wendler, Poliquin, DC and others. 10 years (7 of which I was “doing it right”)

Nutrition experience: I seem to be quite unable to handle a large amount of carbs on a daily basis. Carb cycling seems to work the best for me with only one “high” day. I’ve run AD two years straight and put on some great size (I went on a 4 year bulking streak with only one or two intermittent cutting phases) reaching at most 215 lbs my senior year of college while playing D1 lacrosse.

Current Training: Mix of 5/3/1 with a bit more accessory work and traditional BB instead of just straight sets.

AM Workout:
PM Workout:
Warmup - Jump rope or hop on elliptical, foam roll, stretch with bands, hip mobility (I have a messed up hip flexor I should probably get looked at)

5/3/1 MP (currently on 3rd cycle of 5/3/1 and enjoying it)
Extreme stretching shoulders - DC style
Chins: 3-5 sets, 4-8 reps, ramping up in added weight
Dips: 3-5 sets, 4-8 reps, ramping up in added weight
PWO Cardio: HIIT, 20 minutes, stairs.
Cooldown: 5-10 mins on treadmill.

AM Workout:
Morning cardio 30-45 minutes- empty stomach

PM Workout:
Warmup - Jump rope or eliptical, foam roll, stretch with bands, hip mobility
5/3/1 Deadlift
Extreme stretch DC style - back
Foam roll back again
Gripwork (pinch plate holds, Fatgrip DB holds, DB hex holds)
Extreme stretch DC style - forearms
Good mornings off pins: 3-5 sets ramping up in weight
Hanging leg raises using fat grips: 5x15 using bodyweight. Still working on keeping legs fully extended on this.
Planks - 90 lbs 60 second holds X 3
Cooldown - 5-10 minutes on treadmill walking

AM Workout: Off

PM Workout: Bicep work
DB curls Rest Pause 15-30
Fatgrip Hammer Curls: 2 x 11-20
Single arm cable curl: 1 x 15
Extreme stretch DC style - biceps and forearms
HIIT on the stairs 20 minutes
Cooldown 5-10 minutes walking on treadmill

AM Workout: Cardio - empty stomach

PM Workout:
Warmup: Elliptical or jump rope, foam roll, stretch with bands, hip mobility.
5/3/1: Bench
4-5 sets of 6-8 reps ramping up in weight: Incline DB
Extreme Stretch DC Style: Chest
1 arm DB rows 4-5 x however many reps I can rep out with. My gym only has DB’s up to 120 lbs and I generally can do 20+ with those before form starts breaking down. My body doesn’t seem to respond nearly as well to bent over rows as it does single arm DB rows.

AM Workout: Empty stomach cardio 30-45 minutes

PM Workout:
5/3/1 front squat
Extreme stretch DC style - quads
Single leg lying leg curl - Rest Pause 15-30
Pull throughs 3x15
Extreme stretch DC style - hamstring
20 minutes incline treadmill
5 minutes cooldown walking flat treadmill

AM workout: early morning cardio empty stomach

PM Workout:
5/3/1 close grip bench on smith
overhead rope pulls (focusing on long head and not so much extension) RP 15-30
Extreme stretch DC style - triceps
Hanging leg raises with fat grips - 5x15

Saturday: OFF completely

Breakfast: P+C usually eggs + fruit or something of the like
Meal 2: Protein shake, almonds
Lunch: Chili
Peri-workout: Yoohoo chocolate milk, protein shake
Dinner: P+F usually red meat of some sort
Total calories: usually between 2400-2800

Whey protein (whatever I find for cheap or get for free from the GF who works at a supplement store).
Vitamin D - 8000 IU’s/day
Multi vitamin
Fish Oil

Current Lifts on 5/3/1 this past cycle:
Standing Military Press: 160 x 8
Deadlift: 390 x 11 (decent lockout, crappy leg drive in last few reps so really like 8 solid reps)
Bench: 215 x 8 (wasn’t an overly great set shoulder was odd that day)
Front Squat: 240 x 7

Notes: Currently nursing a hip flexor issue of some sort. Front squat hurts less then back squat. It hurts to get out of bed usually in the mornings.

Previous type 2 hamstring tear
Previous tendon/ligament tears in right ankle (surgically repaired)
Previous tendon/ligament tears in right wrist (surgically repaired)
Previous rotator cuff tear - 18 weeks rehab
Previous 9 broken ribs (still some tenderness at times in 1 of them)
Current hip flexor problem

Goals: 6% bodyfat, 175 lbs on the low end, preferably as heavy as can be while at that bf %.

Any C&C would be greatly appreciated.


To get this right, your major aim is to reduce bodyfat by 3.4% ?

I dont really understand your Wednesday workout and why it’s comprised of only bench, why you have hardly any shoulder work and why there’s no calf work. Did you mean to post this in the bodybuilding forum?

You didn’t ask a single question, so why would you expect any answers?

[quote]Schwarzfahrer wrote:
To get this right, your major aim is to reduce bodyfat by 3.4% ?


That’d be ideal while maintaining as much muscle/strength as possible. Sitting at 175 allows me to drop the weight I need to drop for races (rowing —> 165 lbs at race) with relative ease.

My rowing training is usually where I have cardio listed, even though currently I’m in my off season focusing on strength and lower my bf% a bit.

[quote]Davinci.v2 wrote:
I dont really understand your Wednesday workout and why it’s comprised of only bench, why you have hardly any shoulder work and why there’s no calf work. Did you mean to post this in the bodybuilding forum?[/quote]

Ah I forgot to add in my other work on Wednesday. Edited in.

My shoulders and legs are the two body parts that I don’t have much trouble growing and generally require the least amount of work. For calf work, I generally focus on pressing of my toes while walking on an incline treadmill which seems to be the only thing that works for me (after years of various calf work/stretching etc. not working).

Yes, I meant to post this in the bodybuilding forum, though if it is misplaced I apologize and ask that it be moved to the appropriate place.

You mentioned the calories in your diet but do you know the macro breakdown?

You do cardio, eat seemingly well… the only thing to do is to maximize those.

More steady state cardio: bump to 60 minutes steady state, maybe add 20-30 minutes post HIIT
Decrease carbs/cals even moreso on your easier training days. If you can hack it with your training schedule maybe a very low carb/near keto style diet would help you break through the last 10 lbs. If you went that route I’d drop the HIIT however
Add in a fat burner.

Macro breakdown would be most likely something along the lines of 50/40/10 (protein/fat/carbs).

I’ve tried keto before and didn’t respond terribly well. I wasn’t moody and running ketogenic wasn’t hard on me it just wasn’t resulting in a good amount of fat loss in comparison to carb cycling.

Suppose I’ll add more steady state in and hope I can manage to get down to the levels I’m looking for. I haven’t been that low since high school rowing.