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Warm up:limber 11,hypers,box jumps x3
T bar4x8-10 drop set
W pull-up/chin up 4x rest pause
DB row 3x8-10 rest pause
S arm pull/v bar pull 3x8-10 mtor
R flys 3x8-10 drop set
Ez bar curl/hammer 3x8-10 rest pause
Farmer walks 4x
75 band pulls between exercises

Warm up:limber 11,ball slams,leg lifts x3
Ohp/incline bench 4x6-8 rest pause
Db incline/Db flat 3x8-10 drop set
Pec dec/crossover 3x8-10 mtor
Lat raise 3x8-10 drop set
Tri ext(v bar)/Weighted dips 3x8-10
(super set)
DB skull crusher 3x8-10

Warm up :limber 11,hypers,cable crunch x3
F squats/T bar DL 4x4-6
B split squat/lunge 3x8-10
Leg press/hack squat 3x8-10 rest pause
Ghr 3x8-10
Calf raise 3x8-10 rest pause

We’re the / marks are for the next day,not another exercise
Been lifting for about three years,struggle with low t and energy but working thru that without mess.
Dropped prework stems other than a little coffee.
My goals are aesthetics and slow mass gaining.
Nutrition is monitored very closely.
I do struggle with putting on belly fat so I’m in a small surplus.
Some of this is modified to fit my 40 year old body and underlining issues.
Every body says pick a routine you will enjoy and stick to ,I have done one similar to this and enjoy it but added some ending sets like what ct recommends.

5 day workout,I can and enjoy going 5 days.
workout fri,sat,sun,tues,wed
I can do pull,push,legs,pull,push plus 20 rep squat.
I lowered the volume from what I was doing,it caught up to me after awhile.

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Honestly not a enough info too come up with good review.


What else do u need?


Just a few more generals… Height and weight… BF% if you know it(if not no big deal) Idea of your general strength level. General question have you had blood work to confirm low T?


6 ft 163 40 years old
Not sure on bf
I was 195 about two years ago and looking bigger in a shirt but just felt like a slug.
I have had blood work done 3 times I’ve the last 2 years,test was 185,205,345,it was its lowest when I got down to 155,I have went back up to 180 but still feel like I put on to much fat,so slowly dropped back down to were I am now.I am not ready to get on try yet,that might should crazy but Just not ready.I watch my diet very closely and it has takin years now to figure it out,I’m starting back adding calories,I’m at 2100 and will be at 2200 next week than 2300 the next week and we’ll see if the scale moves,I feel really week at 2000 calories so I’m looking forward to eating some more,I just put belly fat on so quick I have to watch it.I don’t max but I can incline bench around 225 3x3,Ohp around 135 5x5 f squat around 165 5x5
Not looking for major strength,overall looking good and feeling good.
Or do just a 5 day push/pull with a lower body movement implanted in each day.


To be honest you look good in that pic … considering you 40 and could have possible Low T issues…

At your lowest body weight when your T level was at 185 were you trying to loose weight ? Or did your body weight drop on its own?

What does your protein sources look like?

Honestly go by How you feel on calories if you feel weak at 2000 cals obviously you will want to avoid that level. Id suggest staying at a level where you feel good and you feel strong during your workouts.

My suggestion would to get your BF% tested so you have a actual number to go by. Since just eye balling in a mirror or pictures can give false feedback in some guys with them having a subconscious personal bias.Some guys will think they have more Body fat than they do and other will have more.

Simplest tool you can use is a simple cloth tape measure and just keep tabs on your waist line. If your waist isnt getting bigger but your gaining weight your good.

If your seeing progress and your liking the set than stick with it… Might want to keep taps on how you feel during today and during your workouts. If you start feeling too beat up or the quality of your workout starts sliding than you might want to look into changing things be it frequency or volume.

A good guy to talk with regarding your diet approach since I am more training program orientated and prefer taking a simple approach as possible to actual nutrition would be @EyeDentist


I was trying to loose weight.I have found with me if I go under 100 carbs for very long I just don’t feel good but if I eat to many(like 50%)I put on belly fat quick.
I really like to eat so I try to fill up on green veggies.
My macro are around 35c 40 p 25 f and as I up callories I’ll go 40/40/20.Protein is eggs,greek yogurt,cottege cheese,white fish,chicken,and steak at least twice a week,whey after workouts.Carbs are oats,white rice,potatos,lintels,pineapple and b berries.Fat is nat pb,coconut/olive oil,walnuts,almonds,eggs.
I might try having 1 to 2 low carb days,maybe 60 grams from only veggies?


I agree with @bulldog9899–you look very good in that pic. From a physique perspective, you’d look more muscular if you trimmed/shaved your body hair, but that’s obviously a very personal decision.

It’s certainly a good idea to get your cals up as high as they can go without gaining appreciable bodyfat. Given a bodyweight of 163#, a 5 days/week workout schedule, and assuming your day job isn’t of the hard labor sort, your caloric need is likely to average around 2300/d or so. However, some people (me included) find it easier to allow intake to fluctuate in step with output–that is, to eat more on lifting days, less on off days. So, I would endorse your idea of having a couple of low carb/low cal days, and suggest you align them with your nonlifting days. Note that doing so would allow you to eat more on lifting days, which may make your lifting more productive and less draining.