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Program Recommendations

I have been lifting seriously for about seven or eight months now and I have, to this point, used a basic push/pull program with many of my own tweaks. I have read the articles on T-Nation for a while but I have never chosen to use any of the programs. That is about to change.

I have finally realized that I should take advantage of the wealth of information presented on this site by using programs designed by some of the world’s top strength coaches. To that end, I have read many programs listed on this site. But I am now suffering from what is often referred to as “analysis paralysis.” I am having major trouble choosing a program for the specific goals I want to accomplish.

I return to college in eleven weeks or so and I would like to go back with significant improvements in both overall muscle size and overall body fat content. It seems to me that the best way to accomplish these goals is to use hypertophy-focused programs early in the summer to bulk, and then a body-fat reducing program in the last few weeks to cut the extra fat. The programs I am leaning towards are ABBH, The Waterbury Method, Quattro Dynamo, Meltdown, and Fat to Fire.

However, I do not know if these are the best programs for accomplishing my goals, and if they are, what order I should do them in etc. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for the programs I should undertake to most effectively improve my physique. Thanks in advance.

I would think that, overall, go with one of Chad’s Programs (maybe Total Body Training or The Waterbury Method) and just work hard at that. When it is getting close to a few weeks out from returning to school, re-assess your physique then. If you’ve only really been lifting seriously for 7 or 8 months, it might be fairly early to start thinking about cutting. What are your stats? Height? Weight? BF%? Diet?


I was definitely leaning toward one of Waterbury’s programs…I’ll be sure to scope out Total Body Training.

AS for stats, I am 6’1", 175 lbs., I would guess around 18% to 20% bf (never had it calculated