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Hi, so heres the thing, ive been lifting for a about 6 months now and am not gaining as much strength as i want. Im 17, 6'3 and 176ish Pounds (Pretty Skinny).

I want to put on Size and Strength, mainly strength at the minute, I can only bench 70kg and want to move it up to 91kg(200 Pounds) and my ideal weight 190-205 pounds (want to move up to Light-Heavy weight). I know it may take some time, especially for the wight but im gonna work hard.

What programme/s would you recommmend for good size and strength gains. Ive tryed a few things but need a good solid routine so i can improve.

If it makes any difference I am a Kickboxer and am doing a cardio seesion (running) about 2 times a week and do heavy bag stuff about 2 times a week at the minute as i have left the club i was at.
Thanks in advance guys...


There are plenty of routines on this site to choose from. Do a search on some and decide what suits you best.


For someone your age I would recommend Joe DeFranco's Westside For Skinny Bastards template. I think it is on this site somewhere. Just search the archives. If not go to elitefts.com and look up Dave Tate's 9 week beginner template.

If you want to gain wieght right now you will need to trade lifting for your running, which may mess w/ your kickboxing stamina but oh well. Eat more meat, veggies starches and drink all the water you can.


How's your diet?


Hm, I was interested in that Tate program, but I couldn't find it on EliteFTS, neither could I find it searching the net (the title is probably a bit off).

Do you have a link, or any idea under what category it's located?


The 9-week beginner program is at Elitefts.com under the "articles" section. Go to the "articles written by EFS" (or something like that) and scroll way down toward the bottom. It's there. Saw it the other day.


you need to feed the muscle. eat lots of high protien low fat. chicken fish, lean beef.
and for energy eat high carbohydrate foods. rice, potatoes etc. no butter not to much salt.
for instance
1 baked potatoe
1 chicken leg and thigh
and then you will see your strength and endurance increase.
it's all calorie manipulation.


My diet at the minute is okay at best. I am trying to intake protein every 2 hours with fruit and veg through the day with 1 multi vitamin a day etc.
Im trying to make do with what i have, so Full Skimmed Milk, Chicken, Peanut Butter, Peanuts (Fatty I Know), Baked Beans, Tuna, I am also trying to start drinking more water now aswell... And thanks for the advice and links guys...


I'd recomend EDT. I made good progress with it, and had a blast doing it.