Program Recommendation?

Hello guys and CT,

lately (past 1-2 years?) I wasn’t much on tnation at all, so I am a bit lost on CT’s newest information.
Simple question what is CT’s current opinion on training when goal is maximum size and strength (50/50).
I like to have some variety, a not to rigid plan, and prefer a bit higher volume with higher intensity work over frequency. The program should be doable for 3 months and I can do 5-6 lifting days a week.

I would be thankful for an article link.

Best wishes :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing this since June. It’s a S.O.B. but I like the conditioning affect.

What kind of gym are you in?

I’ve got a decent neanderthal set-up at home.
I see where you’re going. It be would hard to do at a gym unless you hogged a rack with several bars the whole workout.

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Nice! I’m just always curious how people set up some of the more equipment-intensive programs