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Program Recommendation?

Hello, im a raw lifter and looking for a new program, ive tried Wendler 531 it worked good but i dont like the program itself then ran schieko after and it was too much for me as a natural lifter so im looking for a program that focuses on strength gains, as i have a good size other than my toothpick arms but i want a program that most sets are in the 80%-90% Wendler was way less than that and from my 90% which i felt like doing nothing and started to lose motivaiton and preferable to be a 4 days program!
And if it has a 2 squats, 2 bench days a week would be perfect as my bench sucks and i like to squat!

Age, height, weight, best lifts? I’m assuming you have never competed before? How long have you been lifting?

FWIW if you never got above a true 90% running 5/3/1 you didn’t run the program for nearly long enough.

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19 years old, right now about 185lbs, best lifts were deadlift :535 squat with wraps 510 bench press 265. well i ran it for 3 months and didnt really like it, squatting 65% out of 90% for 5 reps that sounds more like cardio to me.

65% of your TM is the very first set of your very first 5’s week in the entire cycle… You will obviously go higher than that. But anyway…

Forgive me for being skepitcal. Those lifts are good for someone your age and size. You obviously put some work in already to get to that point. Usually the “what program should I do” threads come from 14 year olds who started going to the gym yesterday. How did you get to this point and why is it no longer working for you?

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I didnt say that it is not working for me, but i said that i don’t like it if i go for 80%-90% for 1-5 reps i feel better in training and have more motivation in my workout that is what im trying to say, and i cant go for a program that has chains and bands because i train at a commercial gym that has 3 hammerstrength power racks which are awesome for deadlifts and squatting but i really have to get some bands atleast. so if you have any program that has 2 bench 2 squats 1 deadlift a week would be perfect for me!

Also, I just looked at your post history and you’ve asked what program you should run about 5 times in the last 6 months. Including less than a week ago saying you wanted to run Smolov and be a bench-only lifter because you hurt your ankle? So whats the deal kid?


I am running Smolov and tommorow is my second day which is 7x5, but its a 4 week program and i have to workout after that, whats wrong with planning everything from 3 to 4 weeks ago so i can analyze and set up the days and everything. Is there anything wrong with being organized too?

I would not describe your approach as organized. Its counterproductive to run every program under the sun back-to-back. If you had done any research on programming (or read Wendler’s book on 5/3/1) you would have seen that. I don’t think you’re being completely genuine about your goals and progress and it is difficult to give someone advice who repeatedly comes to these boards asking for new advice.


I know what you mean and i really appreciate your help but i try to run programs and not to judge them from how they work, theres no point if a program works and i do it without motivation, know what i mean? i really love to lift heavy other than hitting low weights!

And i still dont like the idea of 1 bench day and 1 squat day which is another reason why do i need a program other than Wendler 531

You don’t judge a program based on how well it works? What?

There are templates of 5/3/1 that allow you to bench and squat 2x per week. I follow a conjugate program and bench and squat 2x per week. Texas Method and Madcow 5x5 both allow you to squat and bench 2x per week (or more). So go ahead and do one of those, if your ankle has healed and you think you can stick to it for more than a week.

Not exactly what i meant, what i am trying to say is i dont judge a program Only from how it works, i need to stick to a program i like and if you can please post a link or a photo of the wendler version of 2 squat 2 bench days a week i would be really happy!

No … Buy the e-book and read it like you should have done the first time. Or go over to the 5/3/1 forum and ask the man yourself.

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You are right, I will buy the E-book and do my thing! thanks alot man i really appreciate that!

I used to think like you at 18,Now that I’m 20 I could have a 400+ squat if I followed Wendler,but I have a 340-350 cause I did whatever after stalling on 531 and not resetting the numbers cause I was bored.If something works,keep it up in my honest opinion

Im starting to think that what you are both saying is right. but still i have to see the program that is powerlifting specific and read everything about it !

Have a look at Powerliftingtowin’s intermediate program. Izzy’s philosophy is aligned with yours.