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Program Recomendations

How do I get my strength higher and lose my moobs? I figure at my low level I can gain strength/muscle and lose the embarrassing chest fat at the same time. My diet has no junk foods/drinks and consists of only healthy sources of protein/carbs/fats. Taking in around 170gProtein/150 g carbs/180g fat. There are tons of programs on this site, any recommendations that would fit my goals?

Right now I am 155lbs 5’8

Need to get these higher:
215 DL 5x5
squat 190 5x5
bench 150 5x5

I personally like the One Lift a Day program, with added accessory work. Just keep on eating and lifting hard and the results will come.

Starting strength is one used by a number of beginners here. If I had to start all over again, I would definitely look towards a total body workout with heavy compound lifts.
As far as the moobs are concerned, CP wrote an article saying that it is in large part due to zinc deficiency. Sorry, don’t have the link.

That has worked great for me so far. It has steadily increased my strength all over. Another positive is since it is a total body workout it gets your metabolism going and encourages t production. I liked it, I did the “Advanced Level” or “Option 3”.