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Program Question


My program consists of an every other day lifting routine starting with a compound lift, followed by a few supplemental isolation lifts.
I decided to use
Day 1: Hang Clean - Back/Biceps
Day 3: Deadlift - Chest/Triceps
Day 5: Squat - Shoulders/Forearms
Day 7: Bench Press - ?

On day 7 I was thinking perhaps I should do legs...but I was wondering if that would be too much since the the other days start off with strong leg workouts?

Any input would be great.


Your program sucks. This is not a flame, it is a statement of fact. I could point out why it sucks, but that would only encourage you. There is more wrong with this program than right.

Quite trying to make your own until you've spent at least a year testing others. Please, I beg you, use a program published here. You just may find that the writers here may know something about program design that you do not.


P.s. your program sucks and writers here know stuff.


Use an established template for an extended period of time and find out what works and what does not work for you.

After a few months, you can then design your own programme based on your experience.


change it around a bit
heres my suggestion

Day 1: Hang Clean - Shoulders/Forearms

Day 3: Deadlift - Hamstring

Day 5: Bench Press - Chest/Triceps

Day 7: Squat - Quad/Back/Biceps

something like that prolly work out a little better