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Program Question


I'm new to this forum and have a classic newbie question. I'm a former bodybuilder (years ago) and no longer compete or train as a bodybuilder. I injured my shoulder to the point of needing surgery ( slap tear) and quit lifting for about 2 years.

This past Spring I joined a gym again and want to get into powerlifting. As most people new to a sport, I'm not quite sure where to start. I've checked out Stronglifts, Starting Strength and 5/3/1 and settled on 5/3/1 a few months ago. My lifts have gone up, but I'm not sure if my progress is where it should be, being new and all.

I've gone up 20 lbs in squat , 10 lbs in bench and 15 lbs in dealift. I'm @ squat - 135, bench -135 and dead lift - 175. What I need to know is, am I okay to continue with 5/3/1 or should I go with one of the other programs? I do want to compete, but I realize I'm quite a ways from that!


Also, bodyweight - 142


Stick to the big 3 (S.B.DL) Keep them as a priority. At this point of just getting back into it, darn near anything should work. You know how to train, just modify your training as I previously suggested. That squat does need to be closer to your DL. If you are not using them and I hope you are, get a good set of knee wraps.

Now the best thing I can tell you is welcome back into the fold. Enjoy the time you can spend in the gym and don't over analyze anything at this point.


Thanks for your help. Is there a program that you would recommend? I want to get my numbers up quite a bit before entering a competition and I may have jumped the gun on choosing to start with 5/3/1 right off the bat. I guess my ego may have gotten in my way there. I am only able to train twice a week and I realize that will slow down my progress somewhat. Any suggestions?