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Program Opinions...

My Goals: Increase muscle mass and overall strength.

My Diet: Truthfully, it can be more strict. More or less by organizing set meal times and specific amounts of food per meal but I do eat constantly and always make sure to get good amounts of protein, carbs, and natural fats.

Right now 95% of my meals are made at home and contain the following: oatmeal, boiled eggs (whole), high fibre bread/bagels, cheese, milk, handfuls of almonds, squash, baked or boiled chicken breasts, turkey breasts, fish, tofu, green beans, white rice, mushrooms, pasta, bananas, peanut butter, cottage cheese, tuna w/salsa, and that’s all I can think of right now.

I also supplement protein powder and protein bars as snacks when I’m short on time. By the way, any suggestions of good gainers would help as I’m going to pick some up soon.

Workout Plan: Consists of a heavy rotation of three workout days. 4-6 days a week. The plans are as follows;

Workout #1

Bench Press 3x8
Incline Press 3X8
Pullovers 3X8

Chin-ups (As many sets as possible to total 50. To failure each time.)
Bent Over Rows 3X8

Power Training:
Deadlifts 3X10, 6, 4

Crunches 5X25

Workout #2

Barbell Clean & Press 3X8
Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3X8

Power Training:
Upright Rows 3X10,6,4
Push Press 3X 6,4,2

Upper Arms:
Standing Barbell Curls 3X8
Seated Dumbbell Curls 3X8
Close-Grip Press 3X8
Standing Triceps Extension (w/barbell) 3X8

Wrist Curls 5X fail
Reverse Wrist Curls 5X fail

Reverse Crunches 5X25

Workout #3

Back Squats 3X8
Walking Lunges 3X8
Leg Curls 3X8

Standing Calf Raises 5X15

Straight Leg Deadlifts 3X8
Good Mornings 3X8

Crunches 5X25

Again, I’m just looking for some feedback. Any info on supplements (I know this isn’t the form) would be great. Is something you would add? Take away? etc.

You do ALL that 4 - 6 days a week?? how would this be set up?? give us a little help on that. seems like a shit ton of volume I would then question the intensity you are bringing to any one exercise of day of them.

w/o 1 seems like full body almost with a very low emphasis on lower body w/o 2 pretty much all upper w/o 3 lower. I could almost see this type of split in general working as a three day a week split but not 4-6. Like would you actually follow w/o 1 with w/o 2 after hitting all that pressing on w/o 1 you would attempt to thrash the pressing muscle again with w/o 2??

In short I really dont like it Im pretty sure for anything more then 3 days a week and again would like to know how your setting it up.

I think youd be much better off with something like TBT if your looking for frequency.

as for supps. I think what your using at this point is good just protein a gainer just add food to it. if your needing something very quick and easy for a complete snack Look at the store here at Metabolic Drive Complete. Other then that supp wise at this point fish oils and creatine maybe. again check the store here



Thanks for the response. You are pretty consistant around these boards, especially on program subscriptions as you always provide helpful advice. First off, I have tried CW TBT training prior to this and I found that it moved too slowly. There were too many rest days as I recall and the complications of continually changing the program day in day out became kind of silly.

This program however is difficult. It was origionally set up to look like this this:

W/O #1 Monday’s & Thurday’s
W/O #2 Tuesday’s & Friday’s
W/O #3 Wednesday’s & Saturday’s

Which would equal 6 days a week of training with Sunday being a rest day. That volume is sometimes too much for me so I have been implementing a second and sometimes third rest day throughout the week. I figured it would still be okay as long as I keep my intensity up when in the gym and took rest when I feel I needed it. So hence why I listed 4 days a weel to 6 days a week.

Why not do something like Quatro Dynamo? It gives a good mix of exercises and is set up as a 6 day a week program with appropriate rest days. It is also a bit more balanced with regards to upper and lower body.

Quattro Dynamo? Where would I find that program?

OK yhea it can work if you truly are bringing the intensity I am, not flaming but still questioni9ng it being able to do these days back to back. But if you can and know to take days off.

Quatro Dynamo, just pop that in the search function