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Program - Opinions Please


I am just getting back into regular training after a little lay off, injury induced. Hopefully some of you smarter types can review what I am proposing and give me some feedback.

btw, this is likely to be a long post, so those with a short attention span may want to leave now.

Just prior to christmas I fell at work and knocked my Sacro-iliac joint out of alignment. It resulted in a lot of pain and muscle gaurding. I had physio for a few months and they got me back to a (very) basic level of functionality.

I started doing some easy exercises, bodyweight squats, overhead squats with a piece of dowel, pushups, pullups…and restarted martial arts training twice a week.

After a few weeks I started doing between 5 and 10 single leg squats every day. They started out very unsteady and difficult, but after a month I got into the groove again and they became relatively easy.


  1. I went from 85kg to about 75kg over the course of the injury and would like to regain the lost weight and strength. Previous 5RM DL was 122kg. I would like to be back there by the end of the year. I have no idea what my current levels of strength are, suffice to say it isn’t much.

  2. Flexibilty. Due to the muscle gaurding that occurred around my hip and tailbone, my flexibility (particularly hamstring) has really suffered. I would like to get this back to pre-injury levels. I could easily forward kick above my head height without a warmup, I could bend at the hips and put my forehead to my shins. Currently I struggle to lift my leg off the ground past horizontal.


I train at home. I have barbells, thick handled dumbbells, weights, skipping rope, a makeshift rack, some rafters and gymnastic rings to perform chins and dips, and a homemade medicine ball (roughly 10kg).

My weekly training availability is as follows:

Monday am: 30-45 minutes before work.
Monday pm: 60 minutes after work.

Tuesday am: none.
Tuesday pm: 90 minutes after work.

Wednesday am: 30-45 minutes before work.
Wednesday pm: martial arts class.

Thursday am: 30-45 minutes before work.
Thursday pm: 90 minutes after work.

Friday am: 30-45 minutes before work.
Friday pm: martial arts class.

Weekends I would like to leave for family, friends and doing whatever around the yard etc.



I am proposing that I can fit in some limited stuff before work. Due to the fact that I train at home and do not have a gym membership, I plan on driving to a park on the way to work (and so avoid waking my wife and daughter) and do the following:

overhead squats with dowel
farmers walks (fat DB)
waiters walks (fat DB)
suitcase carries (fat DB)
medball throws
pushup variations
pullup variations
single leg squats or deads
some form of DB swing/snatch/clean
some ab work

(I may have stolen this from Dan John…don’t tell him)

followed by some stretching, concentrating on the hip/glute area

This should take 30-45 minutes.

The goal here is to not go to failure on these workouts, but to gradually increase my work capacity and general conditioning.


I essentially have 3 evenings for weights. Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I would like to spend the first 30 minutes of each of these sessions on my martial arts skills training - striking, rolling, weapons work etc. and then do the following:

Monday PM:

Overhead Squats 5 x 3-5
Front Squats 5 x 3-5
Back Squats 5 x 3-5

Basically start with just a bar and add weight each set, maybe 5kg, so that the weight goes up like this:

OHS - 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
FS - 35, 40, 45, 50, 55
BS - 60, 65, 70, 75, 80


Tuesday PM:

30 minutes MA training
followed by:

ring pushups 5 x 6-8
inverted rows 5 x 6-8
ext shoulder rotations 2 x 8-10


Thursday PM:

30 minutes MA training
Deadlift 5 x 3-5
weighted situps 5 x 3-5


I plan on upping the reps slightly each week, as noted above. I would then take a week off at week 4, do some testing (3RM Deadlift and Overhead Press) to check on progress, then add a little weight and start again with 3 reps each. Rinse and repeat for a few cycles. The first week or two should be relatively easy, only pushing myself in the third week. Then week 4 is essentially a recovery week before hitting it again.

Saturday and Sunday will be solely for recovery. If I have some spare time I may add some specific flexibility work on these days in addition to stretching morning and night after each training session during the week.

If you got this far, I thank you for your time. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.