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Program Opinion?

Hello all, I’m doing a Hybrid FB/UL 4 day a week program based on this.

I had to tweak a few things due to no gyms near me,
I wanted to get some opinions on it. This is my current plan.

Hybrid FB/UL *ABS
Workout A
Goblet Squat 3-4 sets 8-12
Floor DB Press *
Loaded Back Extension/Good Mornings
Neutral Pull Up *
Hammer Curls *
Lying Tricep Extension *

Workout B
Dumbbell Leg Squat 3-4 sets 8-12
Dip/pseudo Plance Push up *
Romanian Deadlift *
EZ Bar Row*
EZ Bar Curl *
Tricep OHP *

Workout C
Barbell Hack Squat 4-5 sets 8-12
Hip Thrust *
Dumbbell Split Squat *
Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift/DB Leg Curl *

Workout D
Hand Release Push Up 4-5 sets 8-12
Chin Up *
Dumbbell Z Press *
Drag Curl*

Star means I’m doing the same reps and sets as the first exercise. Thank you for reading

What’s your fitness level? What are your goals? You don’t need to squat 3 days per week unless you’re powerlifting and a beginner, but in that scenario you should be traditional high bar or low bar squatting. As well as on a program that allows for the recovery for that.

Thanks for the reply, I’m a re-trainee, stopped working out for a couple of years, I’m looking to body recomp, lose fat and gain muscle.

Edit: I’m probably around 18-20% body fat, did this the first two weeks and the workouts seem great, I don’t feel burnt out or to sore.

As a beginner you want to work every muscle group twice a week.

I see that shoulder exercises are lacking. You don’t have an upper chest exercise, and you have too much leg work.

A good four day split would look like this (of course there are a much of ways to do this, this is just one example):

Workout A: chest
Workout B: back
Workout C: arms and shoulders
Workout D: legs

Stick with compound lifts as the first two to three exercises of each workout.

Workout A:
Flat bench variation
Incline bench variation
Accessory 1
Accessory 2

Workout B:
Deadlift variation
Row variation
Accessory 1
Accessory 2

Workout C:
Compound tricep variation (close grip bench or pull over)
Overhead press variation (OHP, Military Press, Arnold press
Accessory 1
Accessory 2

Workout D:
Squat variation
Glute hamstring variation
Accessory 1
Accessory 2

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Too much legs. Unless your legs are a weak point, this program you modified, is a disaster. You’re going to do good mornings, stiff legged deadlift, and romanian deadlift in 3 consecutive workout? Completely unnecessary, if you do it, either your legs won’t recover or your legs session isn’t intense enough.

Throw in some lateral raises and rear delts exercises for a more balanced body.

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I appreciate the inputs and I’ll be switching out this program, I guess the appeal of mixing full body with U/L was enticing. Out of curiosity would a 3x week Full Body Program work if structured right work? I do like the idea but also can see myself doing the 4 day a week single muscle group as stated above. Again thank you for the reply’s.

Apologies for the spam but I found this program, does it still hold up even after 16 years? Looks appealing to me.

You have two options - pick a program and run it as written or build your own.

To build your own, specify your goals by body part. For example, I’m trying to build up my upper body while improving my deadlift and power clean. Most of my work is upper body. For legs, I do deads and power cleans obviously, and squats and rear foot elevated split squats. Squats are there because they’re squats and RFESS are there for hip health.

Specify your goals and then pick your exercises. Don’t neglect anything but if a muscle isn’t a priority then you can train it less.

I’ve never done a once a week bro split and I think you’d be better off doing full body, push/pull, or upper/lower. This article does a good job of helping you build your own program.


My 2 cents:
If you’re getting back to training after 2 full years, why not do a push pull legs program for 2 months? That way you’ll work the muscles (almost) equally and rediscover your strong and weak points, which will make you structure a better program later focusing more on your weaker muscles.

This looks solid. Jump in with something though.

What do you mean?

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