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Program: Maintaining Strength Rotator Surgery Repair

Hi everyone. I’m currently 6 weeks post op subscapularis repair. I’d like your input on my “program” at my limited stage in recovery.

3X per week

Front squat 3X10
Deadlift 3X5
45 degree leg press 3X5
Glute-ham raises 3X10-12 (working back up beginning with 3X8)
Dumbbell lunges 3X8-10

I just discovered that if Im very careful I can manage the bar into a front squat position if I keep it very very light.
Not sure if lunges are worthwhile either. It should be noted I’m on a caloric deficit as well. What are your thoughts?

Because my bulk went a little too well and I cant do real training right now and I didnt get into this for a gut, love handles, and fat lats.